How to Stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

YouTube is the largest and most-watched video streaming app in the world. It has videos on every topic in the world, such as Education, Cooking, Sports, Cinema, Lifestyle, Music, Health Care, Economics, and many more. The streaming app has movies and series for watching in the buy or rent model. It is always fun to watch YouTube videos on a smart TV for a better experience. Let’s discuss how to stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV.

YouTube has a download option to store the favorite video and stream it offline as many times. It suggests new videos on the feed based on the history. The channels can be subscribed for watching their videos as early as possible. It is completely free to watch the videos along with ads.

Pricing of YouTube Premium

YouTube offers a Premium subscription, and it costs $11.99 per month. The Premium subscription provides the user ad-free streaming as well as background streaming. There is a Family Premium for 5 members at the cost of $17.99 per month. You can also use the Premium in the YouTube Music app.

How to Stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

You can able to stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV only by casting option. There are two ways to accomplish it, and they are

  • Smartphone
  • PC

Stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV: From Smartphone

(1). Connect the Vizio Smart TV and the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

(2). Download and install YouTube app from Google Play Store, App Store on the Android phone, iPhone.

(3). Launch the YouTube app.

(4). Tap the Cast icon at the top and select the Vizio Smart TV to connect.

Tap the Cast icon - YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

(5). Choose the video to play and watch it on the Vizio Smart TV.

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Stream YouTube on Vizio Smart TV: From PC

(1). Visit the YouTube website on your PC browser.

(2). Sign in to your Google account if required.

(3). Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome option (three vertical dots icon) at the top right corner of Google Chrome.

(4). Scroll down and select the Cast option to cast the PC screen.

Select Cast option

(5). Choose the Vizio Smart TV from the available devices and connect to the TV.

(6). Select the videos on YouTube to stream and watch them on the smart TV.

Now, you can stream the YouTube videos on the Vizio Smart TV with the above procedure. YouTube has a huge variety of content to watch for long hours, and it has a join channel option to pay the channel to watch special videos. If you face any trouble with the YouTube app, please do let us know in the comments section.