How to Stream YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV

YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV

YouTube Kids is an online video streaming app for kids, and it focuses on the Arts, Crafts, and Toys. YouTube Kids app has TV shows, cartoons to entertain the kids. It provides plenty of control to the parents for ensuring secure streaming for the kids. You can watch the YouTube Kids videos on the TV for a better experience. Let’s look into how to stream YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV.

YouTube Kids has a blocking option to avoid unwanted content and the screen time to restrict usage. It can have up to 8 child profiles for personalized streaming, recommendation, and channel subscription. Parents can monitor the videos and search the history of the kids.

How to Download YouTube Kids on TCL Android TV

In TCL Android TV, the YouTube Kids app can be sideloaded with the help of the Downloader app.

(1). Launch the TCL Android TV and connect to the internet.

(2). Go to Apps and select Play Store in the Apps.

Select Apps - YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV

(3). Click the Search icon and search for the Downloader app.

select Search - YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV

(4). Select Install to install the Downloader app.

Install Downloader

(5). Click Open to open the Downloader on TCL Smart TV and tap Allow in the prompt.

Open Downloader - YouTube Kids On TCL Smart TV

(6). Enter the YouTube Kids download URL ( in the search bar and tap the GO button.

(7). Select the Download button to download the installer file and click Install to install the YouTube Kids app.

(8). Choose the Open button to launch the YouTube Kids app and sign in to your account.

(9). Stream the videos for your kids on the TV.

How to Install YouTube Kids on TCL Roku TV

(1). Turn on the TCL Roku TV and press the home button on the Remote.

(2). Go to Settings and select System by scrolling down.

Select System in the Settings

(3). Click Screen mirroring and select Screen mirroring mode.

Click Screen Mirroring mode

(4). Tap Always allow enabling screen mirroring on the TCL Roku TV.

Tap Always Allow - YouTube Kids on TCL Smart TV

(5). Make sure that the TCL Roku TV and Android Phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

(6). Install the YouTube Kids app from the Google Play Store and open the app.

(7). Swipe down to get the Notification tab and click the Cast Screen option.

(8). Choose your TCL Smart TV to connect and go to the YouTube Kids app.

(9). Stream any video content, and it will appear on your TCL Roku TV.

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YouTube Kids offers the best entertainment for the kids, and also they can learn new skills. You can use your YouTube Premium to enjoy ad-free streaming. In case of any doubts with the YouTube Kids app, let us know in the comments section.