WhatsApp on Samsung Smart TV: How to Setup & Watch

WhatsApp on Samsung Smart TV

WhatsApp is one of the most used social messenger apps around the world. Unlike other social media apps, Whatsapp is encrypted and only people with your contact can connect with you. It is the best platform to chat, video call, and voice call with your close circle. This fast messaging platform allows you to have 256 participants in a group. In addition to that, you can customize your profile picture, name, about, and background images on Whatsapp. You can add WhatsApp to your Samsung Smart TV by screen mirroring the app from your smartphone or PC.

WhatsApp is completely free to use on all devices and also can be with a low internet connection. You can have fun with emojis and animated pictures on the chat.

WhatsApp on Samsung Smart TV

WhatsApp and many other social media apps haven’t launched a standalone app to access them on smart TV. Also, Whatsapp has no inbuilt casting feature, but you can get WhatsApp on your Smart TV by screen mirroring from your

  • Smartphone (Android or iOS device)
  • Web Browser

How to Screen Mirror WhatsApp on Samsung Smart TV using your Smartphone

#1 Make sure to connect your smartphone and Samsung Smart TV with a WiFi network.

#2 Launch the App Store or Google Play Store on your Android or iOS smartphone.

#3 Download and install the Smart Things app on your device.

Smart Things app to screen mirror

#4 Open the app and pick the Add Device option.

#5 Select your Samsung TV from the list of available nearby devices

#6 Enter the pin shown on your TV to connect.

#7 Further, launch the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.

#8 Start using WhatsApp on your TV.

WhatsApp on Samsung Smart TV

WhatsApp is the best social messenger app, but it is not available on any smart TVs. Using the above mentioned method, you can stream WhatsApp video calls on a big screen with your Samsung smart TV. Do let us know your queries or feedback on methods to stream Whatsapp on Samsung TV in the comments section below.


1. Is the WhatsApp app available for Samsung Smart TV?

No, WhatsApp is not available on the Smart Hub store.

2. How to install WhatsApp on Smart TV?

You can access WhatsApp on LG Smart TV and Philips Smart TV.