What is HDR Effect on LG Smart TV

what is HDR effect on LG TV

HDR or High Dynamic Range is one of the most reliable features of LG TV. It gives you the best viewing experience while watching your favorite movies and TV shows. The HDR feature is available on most models of Smart TV models, including LG Smart TVs. This feature improves the colors on your TV screen, presenting you with a more realistic experience. The HDR feature will also be beneficial to people who are interested in gaming. The following section will give you a clear idea about what the HDR effect on LG TV is all about.

What Is HDR Effect on LG TV

What is HDR Effect on LG TV

The High Dynamic Range effect boosts the quality of the image on your TV screen. With the HDR feature, you can see brighter highlights on your TV better than on other TVs. This feature heightens the image quality of your TV to a great extent. Therefore, you will get a realistic effect, brighter highlights, and contrast on your TV with HDR. In other words, with an HDR TV, you can enjoy streaming shows, movies, and games in the best way.

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Picture Modes on LG TV

LG Smart TVs come with different Picture modes in them. These picture modes promise to provide the best viewing experience when you stream any content on the TV.

The Picture modes in LG Smart TV are

What Is HDR Effect on LG TV
  • Vivid Mode
  • Standard Mode
  • Cinema Mode
  • Sports Mode
  • Game Mode
  • HDR Effect
  • Auto Power Saving Mode
  • ISF Expert Mode

HDR Effect: The HDR effect option is the mode of display concern. You can see that the HDR effect mode is available only on a few Smart TV models. These TV models include LG NanoCell TV, LG 4K UHD, and LG OLED TV. It boosts the color and contrasts for crystal clear picture viewing.

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How to Enable HDR Effect on LG Smart TV

Quick Guide: Launch the Settings menu on your LG TV > Picture > Picture Options > Additional Settings.

1. Start the LG Smart TV and press the Settings button on the LG remote to get the Settings menu.

2. From the Settings menu, select the Picture option.

3. Next, select the Picture Options menu and then click the Additional Settings option.

Additional Settings

4. Finally, scroll down and select the HDR Effect option from the menu to enable it on the LG Smart TV.

Thus, You can watch the movies and series on LG TV with HDR effect. You can easily switch between the other picture modes as per the requirement. If you have any issues or feedback with the above steps, please specify them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn Off HDR Effect on LG TV?

You can visit the Picture options in the Settings and change the mode from HDR Effect to other modes on the LG TV. With this, you can turn off the HDR Effect on the LG Smart TV.

What is the best picture mode for LG TV?

The best picture mode for your LG TV might vary on different occasions. There is a different modes for sports, games, cinema, and power saving.

What does HDR mean on LG TV?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and gives the best experience while watching movies, sports, and games.