What Channel is HBO Max on Spectrum

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HBO Max is the most popular streaming platform among cable TV and satellite providers. You can stream your favorite TV shows, blockbuster movies, series, etc. Also, the platform offers subscription plans at an affordable price compared to others. The subscription price costs $14.99/mon. You will also get the HBO Max app with no additional charges. You can stream the HBO Max channel on Spectrum without subscribing to the Spectrum TV internet plan. Even you can download the content on your smartphone, and later you can stream it anywhere, anytime.

What Channel is HBO Max on Spectrum
  • The Sopranos.
  • Game of Thrones.
  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • Friends.
  • House of the Dragon.
  • Planet Earth.
  • Breaking Bad.

Channel Number of HBO Max on Spectrum

Birmingham, Nebraska, Alabama, Grand Island501
Los Angeles, Columbia, California, Dallas, Texas, South Carolina511

Other TV Providers

Other than this TV, many more providers offer the HBO Max channel. In addition, you can visit the official website of HBO Max and check the details of the content.

  • DirecTV (HBO Max Channel number 501 on DirecTV)
  • Xfinity (HBO Max Channel number 550 on Xfinity)
  • Optimum (HBO Max Channel number 301 on Optimum)
  • Sky (HBO Max Channel numbers 358 and 360 on Sky)
  • COX (HBO Max Channel number 1202 on COX)

Note: HBO Max may not be available in some countries due to the geographical restriction on its website. Currently, the streaming platform is available only in the United States and parts of Europe.


1. Can you watch HBO Max on the Nvidia Shield TV?

Yes. You can stream the HBO Max on Nvidia Shield TV by installing the app from the Play Store or screen mirroring it.

2. Why is HBO Max not working on my Samsung Smart TV?

Multiple reasons behind the HBO Max not working on your Samsung Smart TV exist. Due to poor internet connection, the app may not be compatible, the server of HBO Max may go down, etc.