How to Fix TCL TV Remote not Working

TCL TV Remote not Working

TCL Smart TV is one of the most impressive Smart TV models that you can choose to own. TCL brings one of the most affordable Smart TVs with a great value. The Smart TV from TCL support either a Roku operating system or a Google TV platform. TCL remotes are well-designed, and they are very convenient to use. At times, it is reported that the TCL TV remote stops working. If you have a TCL Smart TV with you, you might come across this issue as well. You have to try a few troubleshooting tips whenever your TCL Roku TV or Google TV Remote is not working properly.

TCL TV Remote Not Working: Fixes

TCL Smart TV models transmit signals either using infrared light or via Bluetooth. You can pair the remote to your TV using the built-in Google Assistant button. There could be various types of problems that may occur in the TCL TV remote, such as the Power button not working, the Volume or Channel button not working, Sensor not working, issues with IR signal, TV not responding to the remote, and more. You can easily repair the not working condition with a series of fixes.

Check Your Batteries

If the TCL remote doesn’t work, you need to make sure that the batteries on your remote are not drained. Remove the batteries and put them back on your remote. If nothing changes, you can replace them with new batteries. Also, ensure that you don’t mix old batteries with new ones on your remote.

TCL TV Remote Not Working

Clear Obstruction

Make sure that there is no obstruction between your remote and the TCL Smart TV. If there are obstructions between the remote and the TV, the signals from the remote won’t reach your TV as they should. Also, ensure that you point the remote directly to your TV. You should also be at a proper distance from the TV.    

TCL TV Remote Not Working

Restart Your Remote and Your TV

1. Open the battery compartment of your remote and remove the batteries.

2. Press the settings button on the remote and select the More Settings option.

3. Select the Device option and then the Preferences option.

4. Click on About and Restart.

5. Once again, confirm the same using Restart.

6. As soon as the TCL logo appears on the screen, insert the batteries on your device.

Re-Pair the Remote

1. Long press the Home button and the OK button on the remote simultaneously.

2. With that, the remote will get repaired.

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Check if IR [InfraRed] is Working

You need to point the remote directly towards your TV so that the IR feature works properly. You can check whether the IR signal is working properly.

1. Turn off the Smart TV and point the smartphone to the remote.

2. Press the Power button on your remote and check if you can see a purple light on your remote.

3. If you can’t see the light blinking, there is no IR light from the remote.

Reset Remote

You can reset your TCL Smart TV remote as follows.

1. Initially, remove the batteries from your remote.

2. Press and hold the Number 1 on your remote for sixty seconds.

Button 1

3. Insert new batteries on the remote to complete the process.

Contact the TCL Customer Support

If none of the above tips was useful to you, you could contact TCL Customer Support. They can help you out with the issue. They will support you from Monday through Sunday. You might have to give them the model number of your TCL Smart TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my TCL TV not responding to the remote?

Your TCL TV might not be responding to your remote because of drained-out batteries on your remote. Also, make sure that the IR from your remote is working properly and is properly delivered to your TV.

How do I reset my TCL remote?

You can reset your TCL remote as follows. Remove the batteries from your remote and long-press number 1 on your remote for sixty seconds. Finally, insert new batteries on your remote.

Why is my TV not responding to the remote?

The TCL TV might not be responding to the remote because of a faulty remote. It might also be because of obstruction between the remote and the TV.