How to Reset TCL Smart TV [All Models]

Quick Tips

  • You can reset TCL Smart TV in five different ways.
  • Android TV: Settings Device PreferencesReset Factory Data ResetErase EverythingPIN OK.
  • Roku TV: Settings System Advanced System SettingsFactory ResetFactory Reset EverythingPIN OK.
  • Google TV: Settings System Factory ResetDelete EverythingOK.
  • Fire TV: Settings My Fire TVReset to Factory DefaultsReset.
  • Without the Remote: Hold the Reset button on the backside of the TV.

Factory Reset will help you to solve errors and issues with your TV. Factory resetting a TV will erase all your data, information, installed apps, pin locks, parental control code, and preferred settings. The TV will return to its default settings, and you have to set it up all over again. Let’s see how to reset TCL Smart TV to its factory settings.

As of October 2022, TCL is offering TVs in four different OSes. Android, Google, Fire, and Roku OS. Based on the OS, the steps involved in resetting the TV vary.

How to Reset TCL Android Smart TV

#1 Navigate to Settings from the Android TV screen.

TCL Android TV Home Screen

#2 Now, scroll down and choose the Device Preferences or Storage and Reset option.

TCL Android TV Settings

#3 On the next screen, scroll down and choose the Reset option.

Factory Reset TCL Android TV

#4 Then, choose the Factory Data Reset.

Factory Reset TCL Android TV

#5 Click on the Erase Everything option.

Factory Reset TCL Android TV

#6 The screen will prompt for a password. Use the on-screen keyboard and type 1234.

How to Reset TCL Smart TV

#7 Now, your TV will begin to reset.

#8 When the restart is done, your TV will restart.

How to Reset TCL Roku TV

#1 Turn on your TCL Roku TV and make sure that the TV is connected to the WiFi network.

#2 Click on the Settings option.

Settings option

#3 Then, choose the System option from the Settings menu.

#4 Now, choose Advanced System Settings.

#5 Click on the Factory Reset option.

#6 In the following screen, click on the Factory reset everything option.

Reset TCL Roku TV

#7 When prompted, enter the code and press OK.

How to Reset TCL Google TV

#1 On your TCL Google TV, go to the Settings menu.

#2 Choose the System from the list of options displayed.

#3 In the System menu, choose the Factory Reset option.

#4 Now, click the Factory Reset button.

#5 Then, tap the Delete everything button to confirm the reset.

#6 While resetting, the TCL TV will restart.

#7 After the restart, you can use the TV without any issues.

How to Reset TCL Fire TV

If you have bought the newly launched TCL Fire TV, the chances are higher that you will get some performance issues. If you have any, reset the TV to fix the issue.

#1 Click the Settings icon on the TCL Fire TV.

Settings icon

#2 Choose the My Fire TV option.

#3 Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Reset to Factory Defaults option.

#4 Now, tap the Reset button to confirm the selection.

#5 Within a few minutes, the Fire TV will be reset.

Alternative Way to Reset TCL Smart TV

Sometimes, for various reasons, your TCL TV will display a black screen. In that case, you can’t access the Settings menu. In those cases, you can use the Reset button on the TV connector Panel. This is called a Hard Reset or Forced Reset.

#1 Use a ballpoint pen or a paper clip to press and hold the recessed Reset button on the TV connector panel. In some models of TCL TV, you will have the physical Reset button.

Reset button

#2 Press and hold the Reset button for 12 seconds. The TV will run a reset cycle, and when it is done status indicator light will be dimmed.

#3 Release the Reset button. Your TV will turn off.

#4 Now, turn on your TV. It will ask you to set up the TV.

These are the possible ways to reset the TCL Smart TV. You can also reset the TCL Smart TV without the remote by using the TCL TV Remote app. As there is two different OS, follow any one of the methods that suit your TV OS. You can use the hard reset method when your TV is hung up or the TCL remote is not responding. For queries and feedback, use our comment section.


1. How do I reboot my TCL TV?

To reboot or restart TCL TV, go to Settings and choose Device Preferences. Select About and click the Restart button.

2. Where is the reset button on TCL TVs?

In most TCL TVs, the Reset button will be on the back side of the TV.