How to Install and Stream Spotify on TCL Smart TV

Spotify on TCL Smart TV

Spotify is the audio streaming app for on-demand songs and podcasts. It is free to stream any song with commercials. The app has over 70 million songs, tracks, and podcasts in multiple languages. It has an advanced search for quick finding of the desired songs. Spotify app is available on the TCL Smart TV.

Spotify offers the selected playlists for artists, genres, themes, and moods. You can make your own Spotify playlist and access them in the library. It has a video podcast to stream on the smart TV, and the new music is updated frequently.

Pricing of Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium offers offline streaming as well as ad-free streaming. Premium plans have a mix of playlists and unlimited skips while streaming. It also offers Student Premium for $4.99 per month with verification.

Premium SubscriptionsNo. of UsersCost per month
Individual 1$9.99
Duo 2$12.99

Stream Spotify on TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV comes in two different operating systems, namely Android TV OS, and Roku TV OS. Both the TV OS have the Spotify app for free.

How to Install Spotify on TCL Smart TV [Android]

(1). Turn on the TCL Android TV and select the Apps on the home screen.

Select Apps- Spotify on Panasonic Smart TV

(2). Choose the Google Play Store and click the Search icon at the top.

tap the Search icon

(3). Enter Spotify in the search and select the app from the list.

(4). Click Install to install the Spotify app on the TCL Android TV.

(5). Select Open to open the Spotify app and click Login with PIN.

(6). It displays an Activation Code on the TV screen. Go to the Spotify website using a smartphone or PC.

(7). Log in with the Spotify account and provide the Activation Code.

Log in to the Spotify Account

(8). Choose the best songs and stream them on the TCL Smart TV.

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How to Install Spotify on TCL Smart TV [Roku]

(1). Launch the TCL Roku TV and connect to the Wi-Fi.

(2). Press the home button and click Streaming Channels in the menu.

Select Streaming Channels - Spotify on TCL Android TV

(3). Select Search Channels in the Channel Store and enter Spotify in the search.

click Search Channels

(4). Choose the Spotify app and select Add Channel.

(5). Click OK in the prompt and select Go to Channel to launch the Spotify app.

(6). Choose Login with PIN to get the Activation PIN. Visit the Spotify Activation site through the browser on PC.

(7). Sign in to your Spotify account and enter the activation PIN to activate the app.

Spotify on TCL Smart TV

(8). Stream the songs on the Spotify app and listen with the family.

Spotify is great music and podcast streaming app with on-screen lyrics. Podcasts are organized based on the genres like educational, politics, entertainment, comedy, more. If you have any streaming issues with the Spotify app, please do let us know in the comments section.