Sony Smart TV Remote App: How to Install and Setup

Sony Smart TV Remote App

Sony Smart TV is well known smart TV and has the best picture display with adaptive color contrasts. You must have an alternative source to operate the smart TV apart from the remote. The smartphone remote control app can handle the smart TV with a common WiFi connection. It provides the TV settings and the menu options. The remote app is useful in organizing the apps and moving across the TV channels effectively without any interruptions. In the below article, we will learn how to use Sony Smart TV Remote App.

Setup Sony Smart TV Remote App

Sony Smart TV operates with Android TV OS, and you can use the Android TV Remote Control app to handle the smart TV. You have to connect the smartphone and the smart TV to the same WiFi connection for pairing. For Sony TVs, you can use two apps, Android TV Remote Service and Video & TV SideView. In case, if your Sony TV remote is not working, you can use any of these apps to control the TV.

Sony Android TV Remote App

The Android TV Remote Control app is accessible on both Android and iPhone at the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. The app has Touchpad and D-pad to control the TV. It also has a home, back, and Pause/ Play button at the bottom. The Keyboard helps in quick typing in the search, and the mic is for Voice assistant support to enable instant search of content and apps.

(1). Open the App Store on the smartphone. Install the Android TV Remote Control app. Recently, the Android TV Remote Control app is removed from the Play Store. Instead of that, you can install the Android TV Remote service app from the Play Store.

Android TV Remote Control

(2). Launch Android TV Remote Control App and click Accept & Continue in the prompt.

click Accept & Continue

(3). Tap Continue and select Allow to provide access to the app.

(4). Click the Sony Smart TV on the device and look for the PIN Code on the TV screen.

(5). Provide the PIN code in the smartphone app and click Pair.

(6). Access the TV Menu and move across the channels on the TV with the smartphone remote app.

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Video & TV SideView

(1). Install the Video & TV SideView app from the Play Store. The app has been removed from the App Store for iPhone.

(2). Then, connect your Android smartphone and Sony TV to the same WiFi network.

(3). Open the Video & TV SideView app and pair it up with your Sony TV.

Sony TV Remote App

(4). Now, you will get the navigation buttons on the app.

(5). Use the buttons to control your Sony TV.

(6). Go to My Library and you can see all the local media files stored on your smartphone. Play any of the video content and it will appear on the Sony TV.

You can follow the above procedure to control the Sony Smart TV with the smartphone remote app. The remote control app can connect to the TV using a Bluetooth connection if there are any issues with the WiFi. In case of any issues with the remote app, let us know in the below section.


1. Can I control my Sony TV with my phone?

Yes, you can control your Sony TV with your phone. Check our guide on how to turn on Sony TV without a remote.

2. Is there an official Sony TV remote app?

Yes, Video & TV SideView app is developed by Sony Corporation.

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