How to Access AirPlay on Android TV

AirPlay on Android TV

AirPlay is a properly developed feature available on Apple devices. This feature helps you stream content from one Apple device to another. It also makes things more comfortable on Apple. For instance, you can stream content from your iPhone, Mac, and iPad on your Apple TV. However, when it comes to Android devices, the Chromecast feature replaces AirPlay. You might be wondering if it is possible to use the AirPlay feature on an Android TV. That is why we have combined a few simple methods to access content on Android TV using the AirPlay feature.

Android TV or Android TV Box Supports AirPlay

Today, we have a few Android TVs and Android TV models that support AirPlay. Therefore, you can easily stream content from iPhone, iPad, and Mac on the Android TV using AirPlay. These Android TV models come with the following message on the device, Works with Apple AirPlay. Also, the latest models of Sony Smart TVs support the AirPlay feature. Other models of Android TV that support AirPlay include LG, Samsung, Roku, and Vizio.

AirPlay on Android TV With Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K with you, you can use it to get the AirPlay feature on Roku. You can make use of an HDMI cable to connect to an Apple TV. If you properly connect your Apple TV, you can use the AirPlay feature to cast content from iPhone, iPad, and Mac on it. All you need to make sure is that all the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

1. From the app media player of an AirPlay supported app, select the Airplay icon.

AirPlay button

2. Select your Apple TV from the list of devices on the screen.

select your Apple TV

3. With that, you can stream content from the app on your TV. 

If the app doesn’t support AirPlay

1. From the Control Center on your iOS device, select the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring

2. Choose your Apple TV from the list on your screen.

Choose your Device

3. Finally, open any app and stream the content from it on your TV.

Android TV Doesn’t Support AirPlay but Supports Chromecast

Android TV supports Chromecast instead of AirPlay. Most apps on Android and iOS devices are compatible with Chromecast. The Chromecast compatible apps include YouTube, Netflix, Plex, and Google Photos. Therefore, you can cast content from Chromecast compatible apps from your iPhone on your Android TV easily. Make sure that you connect both your Android TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open any Chromecast-compatible app.

2. Play any title that you like, and tap the Cast icon.


3. If a prompt appears on your screen, click on OK


4. From the list on your screen, select your Android TV.

AirPlay on Android TV

5. Finally, you can enjoy streaming the app on your TV.

With Third-Party Devices

If your device doesn’t support AirPlay or Chromecast, you can make use of an AirPlay receiver or Google Chromecast. Following are a few options that you can choose in the place of an AirPlay receiver.

1. SmartSee AnyCast

2. Apple TV HD

3. EZCast Ultra

4. Acemax M5

5. MiraScreen D7

If you are looking for adding the Chromecast feature, you can get Google Chromecast for under $30 or a Chromecast with Google TV for under $40.

With Third-Party Apps

You can download a few different third-party Android TV apps that support AirPlay. You can download the following apps on your Android TV.

1. AirScreen

2. AirPlayMirror

3. AirPin(PRO)

For instance, let’s discuss how to access AirScreen on Android TV.

1. On your Android TV, launch the Google Play Store and search for AirScreen.

AirPlay on Android TV

2. Select the AirScreen app icon from the search results and click on Install.

3. Once the app installation is complete, click on the Open option.

AirPlay on Android TV

4. Open the AirScreen app on your Android TV and you can see a QR code on your TV screen.

5. With the help of an iPhone, scan the QR code on the app screen.

6. Tap the link on your screen to visit a webpage.

7. Follow the instructions on your iPhone screen and AirPlay content on your TV.

8. You can see that the AirScreen app is connected to your iPhone and the device model appears on your screen

AirPlay on Android TV

9. Next, open the AirPlay supported app on your iPhone.

10. Choose any content from the app and play it and tap the Airplay icon.

AirPlay icon

11. Select your TV from the list of devices on your screen.

AirPlay on Android TV

12. The AirScreen will look for content from the connected iPhone. 

AirPlay on Android TV

Using an HDMI Cable

You can connect your iPhone to your Android TV with the help of a wired connection. Make use of a Lightning to HDMI adapter to convert video signals from your iPhone to your TV. Apple has an official Lightning Digital AV Adapter that will cost less than $50. In addition, you need to use an HDMI cable to the other end of the adapter. Moreover, this method will charge your iPhone at the time of casting content using the Lightning adapter. 

AirPlay on Android TV

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable AirPlay on Android TV?

You can enable AirPlay on Android TV using third-party apps and devices.

Can I mirror my iPhone to an Android TV?

Yes, you can mirror your iPhone on an Android TV if the app supports Chromecast. Some Android TV models also support the AirPlay feature.

What is the best AirPlay app for Android?

There are a few different AirPlay apps for Android like AirReceiver Lite, AirStream, Zappo TV, LocalCast, Nero streaming Player, and DS video.

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