How To Reset Toshiba Smart TV [All Models]

Reset Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TV is a popular smart TV that comes with advanced features and tools. Toshiba Smart TV faces some issues like the poor quality picture, inaudibility, response failure in remote control, and so on. The best solution for this issue is to reset the Toshiba Smart TV. Resetting can be done by yourself without seeking the help of the technician.

Reset Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TV is of three models, the one that works with an internet connection, the one that has no internet connection, and the Fire TV Edition. The method to reset the Toshiba TV will completely vary between the two models. The manually installed apps on Toshiba Smart TV will be uninstalled after the reset.

How to Reset Toshiba Smart TV [WiFi Models]

[1] Using your TV remote, click the Menu option.

[2] Click on the Setup menu.

[3] Then, select the Settings option.

[4] After choosing it, click the Setup option.

[5] Now, select Reset TV and press OK to confirm.

[6] For verification, you have to enter the security PIN. Then, tap the Enter button.

[7] Now, your Toshiba TV will begin to reset.

How to Reset Toshiba Smart TV [Without WiFi Models]

[1] On your remote or TV button, click the Menu button.

[2] Now, choose the Setup menu.

[3] Select the Installation option from the Setup menu.

[4] At the top, click the System Status option.

[5] Here, select the System Information button.

[6] Now a small window will appear. Click on the Factory Defaults.

[7] Choose the Yes option and enter your PIN for verification.

[8] When the PIN is verified, your TV will begin to reset.

[9] After the reset, the Toshiba TV will turn off. Now, remove all the wire connections.

[10] Wait for 2-3 minutes and plug it back in again. Turn on the TV, and it will display the setup page.

For some specific models of Toshiba Smart TV, you can use the below steps.

[1] Select the Setup button.

[2] Choose Installation and then the Reset TV option.

[3] Now, enter your PIN for verification.

[4] Press Yes to confirm resetting.

How to Reset Toshiba Smart TV [Fire TV Edition]

[1] On your Firestick, tap the Settings option.

Reset Toshiba Smart TV

[2] Choose the My Fire TV menu.

My Fire TV

[3] Scroll down and choose the Reset to Factory Defaults option.

Reset to Factory Defaults

[4] On the confirmation pop-up, click the Reset button.

Reset Toshiba Smart TV

[5] Now, your smart TV will reset to its factory settings.

These are the ways to reset your Toshiba TV. Remember, once resetting is done, all the manually saved files will be removed. So before resetting your Smart TV, make sure you have copied all the files stored on your Toshiba Smart TV.