How to Stream Newsy on Samsung Smart TV

Newsy on Samsung Smart TV

Newsy is the most reliable and trusted American News Network. If you are looking for an unbiased and persistent news channel, Newsy will be the best choice. Newsy analysis top stories around the world with no agenda. Newsy was launched in 2008 and as of now, it has more than 30 million subscribers. It was initially started as a Syndication business that sells news articles to other profound publishers. Newsy is compatible with most streaming devices, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Pluto TV, Roku, Sling, Vizio, Xumo, and Samsung smart TV.

Newsy stream in US and Canada and it is available for free. It was relaunched as an over-air broadcast service in 2021. Newsy streams news from all over the world in all genres and you can also watch interesting talk shows, hot debate shows, and exclusive interviews.

Can I Stream Newsy on Samsung TV?

Newsy is available in the Samsung Smart TV Plus and in the 2016-2020 model Samsung TVs. Samsung TV and Newsy app are working together to launch Newsy on all Samsung TV models. If you have a new model Samsung TV, you can stream using the casting feature from your smartphone.

How to Get Newsy on Samsung Smart TV

Do you have a 2016-2020 model Samsung TV? Well and good. You can download the Newsy app directly from the Apps section on your TV.

#1 Turn on your Samsung Smart TV,

#2 Make sure your TV is connected to the WiFi network. (To check the internet connection, Settings > General > Network > Network status).

#3 Enter the home screen and select the Apps section.

Newsy on Samsung Smart TV

#4 Place the cursor on the Search icon and search for the Newsy app.

#5 On the results, select the Newsy app and select the Install button.

#6 After the installation, click Open to launch the Newsy app.

#7 Now, start streaming breaking news on your Samsung Smart TV.

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How to Cast Newsy on Samsung Smart TV using Smartphone

#1 Connect your phone and your TV to the same WiFi network.

#2 Download the SmartThings app on App Store or Play Store on your Android or iOS device.

Newsy on Samsung Smart TV

#3 Launch the app and click on Add device icon.

#4 Select your TV device and enter the code displayed on your Samsung TV screen to connect.

#5 Now, download and launch the Newsy app on your smartphone.

#6 Log in using your Newsy account details.

#7 Stream any news content on your smart TV.

With the Newsy app, you can keep yourself updated with reliable and unbiased news content. Using either of these methods, you can stream Newsy on your Samsung Smart TV. If you have any queries with the Newsy app, kindly do mention them in the comments below.