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Newsy is a news TV channel that offers 24/7 news updates and the streaming app Newsy enables you to watch the trending news anytime. It is accessible in every state of the USA and it provides the live news TV channel for streaming. The Newsy app is compatible with Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung, Sony, and LG Smart TV. You can install the Newsy app on the Philips Smart TV and stream the news content.

The Newsy app has documentaries and TV shows for on-demand streaming. The app has a schedule to display the show timings and upcoming shows. The shows in the Newsy app are Morning Rush, Evening Debrief, Early Rush, Weekend Debrief, Newsy Timeline, In the Loop with Christian Bryant, Newsy Tonight with Chance Seales, and more. It has an Investigation section to get access to the deep analysis of certain topics and you can find the documentaries in a separate section.

Stream Newsy on Philips Smart TV

The Newsy app is available for installation on both TV OS of Philips Smart TV. You can get the app from the Google Play Store and the Roku Channel Store.

How to Stream Newsy on Philips Android TV

(1). Start the Philips Android TV and go to the home screen.

(2). Click the Apps tab and select the Google Play Store.

Choose the Google Play Store

(3). Tap the Search icon and look for the Newsy app.

Search for Newsy on Philips Smart TV

(4). Select Install to download the Newsy app on the Philips Smart TV.

(5). Click Open to launch the Newsy app and stream the news content.

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How to Stream Newsy on Philips Roku TV

(1). Power on the Philips Roku TV and connect to the WiFi connection.

(2). Press the Home button and select the Search option.

Select Search to locate Newsy on Philips Smart TV

(3). Enter Newsy in the search and select the app from the list below.

(4). Choose Add Channel to install the Newsy app and click OK in the prompt.

(5). Select Go to Channel to launch the Newsy app on the Philps Smart TV.

(6). Choose the content in the Newsy app and watch the streaming on the Smart TV.

The Newsy app is an excellent app to offer many exclusive contents rather than live news. It is also available in the Roku Channel, Sling TV, Plex for streaming and you can use any of these apps to watch the Newsy TV channel. In case of any queries with the Newsy app, specify them in the comments section below.