How to Install Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

When it comes to news, we have a lot of good options to choose between. If you are looking for a news channel with an unbiased news stream, then this section is for you. Newsy is a popular American news network from the EW Scripps Company. It was launched in 2008 and was relaunched as an over-the-air broadcast in 2021. Apart from the United States, Newsy airs internationally in Canada as well. Newsy works hard to keep you informed and not influenced. We shall learn how to add and stream Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV.

During its initial days, Newsy was a syndication business that sold news to other major brands like Mashable and Huffing Post. Today, Newsy has traveled far to become a free over-the-air network. The Newsy app is available on multiple platforms including your Panasonic Smart TV. Newsy has received awards including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and The Society of Environmental Journalists Awards for its excellence.

How to Add Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

We have the official Newsy app in the Android TV Play Store. Follow these instructions to download the same on your Panasonic Smart TV.

1. Turn on your Panasonic Smart TV and then connect to the internet.

Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

2. Launch the Google Play Store from your home screen.

Google Play Store

3. Next, click on the Search icon and type in Newsy in the search bar.

4. Select the Newsy app icon from the search results.

5. Click onĀ InstallĀ to download the Newsy app on your device.

6. Next, click on Open and then launch the Newsy app.

7. Choose and play the video from the Newsy app on your TV.

Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

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How to Cast Newsy on Panasonic Smart TV

The Newsy Android device app is compatible with casting. Let’s cast the app on TV in the following manner.

1. Download and install the Newsy app from Google Play Store.

2. Ensure that you have connected your smartphone and Panasonic Smart TV device to the same WiFi network.

3. Launch the Newsy app on your Android smartphone.

4. Click the Cast icon from the top corner of the screen.

Cast icon

5. Next, select your TV from the list of devices on your screen.

6. Finally, play any video on the app and watch it on your Panasonic Smart TV.

Finally, you can watch unbiased news coverage on your Panasonic Smart TV. Newsy brings to you the earliest news coverages giving you facts filtered off from opinions and pundits. Also, get to know all the popular issues in-depth without just listening to the loudest parts.