How to Stream TBS on Toshiba Smart TV

TBS on Toshiba Smart TV

TBS or Turner Broadcasting System is a popular television channel in the US from Turner Networks under WarnerMedia Studios. TBS was launched back in the year 1976. It is now a complete entertainment package with a variety of content. If you love sports, then know that you can watch a lot of sports events on TBS. This includes Major League Basketball, National Hockey League, and NCCA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This section will help you add and access TBS on Toshiba Smart TV.

You can find videos of the best quality including 4K in the TBS app. The main content on TBS is comedy. You can watch amazing entertainment shows and your favorite sports events. Popular shows from TBS include American Dad, CHAND, The Family Guy, and Wipeout. Find more exciting titles in the TBS library. Have a great time streaming your favorite shows with the TBS app.

TBS Subscription plans

The monthly TBS subscription will cost you around $69.99 per month. With this, you can access all its content as well as access it on multiple devices. You can sign into the TBS app if you have a TV Provider subscription. Some providers with TBS include Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Add TBS on Toshiba Smart TV

As we know, TBS supports both a Fire TV OS as well as an Android TV OS. So, let’s learn how to add TBS to both of these operating systems.

How to Install TBS on Toshiba Fire TV

(1) First, turn on your Toshiba Fire TV and connect to the internet.

(2) From the top of your home screen, select the Search bar.

(3) Type in TBS on the search bar and press Enter to search for the same.

(4) Pick the TBS app icon from the search results on your screen.

(5) Then, click the Install button and start installing the app.

(6) After installing, click Open to launch the TBS app on your TV.

(7) Note down the Activation Code on your screen.

(8) Further, go to the TBC Activation website.

(9) Select My Device and then choose Fire TV from the list.

TBS on Toshiba Smart TV

(10) Enter the code in the respective box and click Submit button.

Activation code

(11) Next, choose the TV provider and sign in to activate the TBS app.

(12) Stream all the TBS shows on your Toshiba Smart TV.

How to Install TBS on Toshiba Android TV

(1) First, turn on your TBS Android TV and then connect it to the WiFi network.

(2) Next, launch Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store

(3) Click Search on the top menu bar of the screen.

Search for TBS

(4) Type in TBS on the search bar and then select the TBS app from the search results.

(5) Click on the Install button.

(6) After installing the app, launch it and note down the TBS activation code.

(7) From any web browser, visit the TBS activation website and complete the activation process.

(8) Finally, you can stream TBS content on your TV.

Now, you know how to add and access TBS on your Toshiba Smart TV irrespective of your OS. Watch mind-blowing movies and shows from TBS on your TV. Have a great time binge-watching your favorite TBS shows on your TV. If you have any issues with the TBS app, let us know in the comments below.