How to Install and Use Jellyfin on LG TV

Jellyfin LG smart TV

Quick Tips

  • You can install Jellyfin on LG Smart TV in two ways.
  • Content Store: LG Content Store → Search Jellyfin → Install.
  • Developer Mode: You can install Jellyfin on LG Smart TV using the Developer Account

Jellyfin is one of the best open-source servers, where you can store your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and more and stream them anywhere on any device. You can use Jellyfin on a PC, smartphone, or smart TV, such as Roku TV apps, Fire TV, etc. Currently, Jellyfin has released the app, which works on LG smart TV. Therefore, LG TV users can install Jellyfin on specific smart TVs in webOS 6.0 and above.

Install Jellyfin on LG Smart TV: Content Store

If you’re running on webOS 6+, you can directly download the Jellyfin app from the Content Store.

[1] Turn on LG smart TV

[2] Press the Home button on your remote control.

Press the Home button

[3] On the home screen dashboard, open the LG Content store.

Open the LG Content store

[4] Next, on the search field, input Jellyfin and select the app from the search results.

[5] Select Install to download the app on your LG smart TV.

[6] After installing, select Launch to open the app.

[7] Finally, sign in with your credentials and enjoy streaming content in Jellyfin content on your TV.

Install Jellyfin on LG Smart TV: Developer Mode

Before installing Jellyfin on your smart TV, you must create a Developer Mode account on your PC.

[1] Navigate to the LG Developer site and create a Developer Account for your webOS TV, and verify your account via Email.

Developer Account for Jellyfin on LG smart TV

[2] After that, navigate to the WebOS TV Developer site and download the minimal installer.

[3] Launch the LG Component Manager and install IDE to complete the process quicker.

[4] Download the Developer Mode app on your LG smart TV.

[5] Once installed, log in with the Developer Account.

[6] Enable the Developer Mode, and the TV starts to reboot.

[7] Next, switch on the Key Server.

[8] Open the IDE on your PC.

[9] Select New Connection from Target Configuration Panel (bottom right).

[10] In the New Connection, you need to input certain information.

  • Device Type – LG Smart TV.
  • Device Name – Enter the desired name of your choice.
  • IP address – Type the IP address of your smart TV.
  • User ID – Set as Prisoner
  • Port – Choose 9922

[10] Lastly, click Finish.

[11] Generate the key by right click.

[12] Go to GitHub to extract the Jellyfin WebOS Source files after downloading it.

Download Jellyfin for webOS

[12] Go to IDE, start a new project and label it Jellyfin and restart the IDE from the top menu.

[13] Next, click WebOS ProjectRun. A dialog box will appear and choose the target as LG smart TV

[14] Choose the Non-minify packageRun.

[15] Jellyfin will be installed on the LG smart TV.


1. How do I set TV Tuner automatically on Jellyfin?

First, go to Admin Panel (top-right) → Live TVTuner Devices Detect My Devices → Click the desired device → Click Save.

2. Do LG TVs have game mode?

Yes. The game mode is available on LG smart TV.

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