How to Update Skyworth Smart TV [Different Ways]

How to Update Skyworth Smart TV

Skyworth Smart TV is one of the top Smart TV brands and it has an extraordinary display with color contrast & brightness. The Smart TV has an OLED display to stream the contents in 8K HD quality. It also has Dolby Audio & DTS TruSurround to watch the movies and series in the best audio. Skyworth Smart TV uses Android TV OS as the operating system and you can install apps on the Google Play Store. The Smart TV releases new updates with the altered interface and added new features. In the below section, we will learn how to update Skyworth Smart TV.

How to Update Skyworth Smart TV

The Skyworth Smart TV has a built-in option for software updates in the settings. It will restart the smart TV after the update.

(1). Launch the Skyworth Smart TV and connect it to the internet connection.

(2). Select Settings at the top of the home screen.

Select Settings to update Skyworth Smart TV

(3). Scroll down and choose the About option.

Choose About option

(4). Click System Update and tap Network Update to update the Skyworth Smart TV.

Click System Update to update Skyworth Smart TV

(5). Select Restart Now to launch the Skyworth Smart TV with new software.

There is also a provision for auto-update to update the TV software automatically after the new update is released. It helps to avoid worrying about the TV update.

Alternative Way to Update Skyworth Smart TV

You can also update the Skyworth Smart TV in an alternative way. The new firmware for the Skyworth Smart TV will be available for free download online.

(1). Download the New firmware for the Skyworth Smart TV on the Skyworth website.

(2). Extract the downloaded file and copy it to the USB drive.

(3). Plug in the USB drive to the USB port of the Skyworth Smart TV.

(4). Power on the Skyworth TV and it will update the TV software.

(5). Restart the Skyworth Smart TV to view the new TV firmware.

You can get the new software to your smart TV by following the above steps. It is important to update the smart TV regularly to avoid the problems of interruption in between the streaming. Like updating the Skyworth TV, you need to update apps on Skyworth TV. If you have any doubts about the Skyworth Smart TV, mention it in the comments section below.

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