How to Turn on Skyworth Smart TV without Remote

How to Turn on Skyworth Smart TV without Remote

Skyworth Smart TV offers the best LED TV with OLED Display and DTS Surround Sound System. It uses the Android TV OS as the Operating System and Google Play Store provides the streaming apps for free download. The smart TV provides an excellent streaming experience in watching the favorite movies and series. It comes with the TV Remote Control to operate the smart TV. If there is some problem with the TV Remote, you will end up in a position where you cannot watch the TV. We will discuss how to turn on the Skyworth Smart TV without the help of the Remote.

How to Turn on Skyworth Smart TV without Remote

It sometimes happens that the TV remote stops abruptly and there are various reasons for it like run out of batteries, breakage, sensor issues, and more. You may have lost your TV remote in your house. But you can still stream movies on the smart TV. There are two ways to turn on the Skyworth Smart TV without the remote and they are

  • Physical buttons
  • Smartphone Remote App

Physical Buttons

The smart TV has physical buttons at the side, bottom, or back of the TV. Skyworth smart TV has TV buttons on the side of the TV panel. It has TV On/Off, TV/AV, Volume increase/decrease, and Channel up/down. You can use the TV On/Off button to turn on the Skyworth Smart TV without the need for a remote.

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Smartphone Remote App

The Smartphone Remote app is the best alternative for TV remote control. It has many features for controlling the Skyworth Smart TV. The app has a trackpad, Dpad, Power button, Pause/Play controls, and Voice search for easy finding of the content. It has a keyboard to type the app’s name or content’s name in the search quickly. The remote control app is available for free download in the Google Play Store as well as App Store.

(1). Go to the Google Play Store, App Store and install the Android TV Remote app.

(2). Open the app on your smartphone.

Android TV Remote Control

(3). Click Accept & Continue in the prompt and select Allow to give access to the app.

Select Accept & Continue - Turn on Skyworth Smart TV without Remote

(4). Select Skyworth Smart TV from the devices and connect to the Smart TV.

(5). Press the Power button on the Remote app to turn on the Skyworth Smart TV.

Turn on the Skyworth Smart TV without remote

Hence, we have come across the methods to power on the Skyworth Smart TV by not using the TV remote control. You can perform several other tasks with the smartphone remote app and it offers the benefit of using the smartphone while streaming. If you have any doubts about the Android TV Remote app, do let us know in the comments section below.