How to Program Cox Remote to TV

Programming Cox remote to TV

Quick Tips

  • With the Cox universal remote, you can program the remote to any TV.
  • Based on the Cox remote model, the programming method varies.

The Cox set-top box is equipped with the Cox universal remote. The Cox remote can be paired with any Smart TV using the universal remote codes. With one Cox remote, you can pair up to four devices. You can control devices like DVRs, Soundbars, DVD/Blu-ray players, and TVs. To program Cox remote to your TV, find the model number and enter the device code to pair the remote for your TV.

Methods to Program Cox Remote to TV

Before pairing the Cox remote to your TV, find the remote’s model number. Each model has its unique way of programming. Based on your remote model, pick a method from the below-mentioned guide. To program the Cox remote, you must enter the correct four-digit code. If you don’t know the remote code, you can get the code from Cox support.

Program Contour URC 8820 Remote

Contour URC 8820 remote

[1] Point the remote to your TV and press the TV mode button.

[2] Find and note down your TV code for your TV model.

[3] Now, press and hold the Select and Mute buttons. The TV mode key will blink twice.

[4] On the numeric keypad, enter the four-digit TV remote code. If you are programming the remote to Samsung TV, you need to enter the Cox remote code for Samsung TV.

[5] The remote will be paired with the TV.

[6] To test the pairing, press the Volume or Channel buttons and check the response.

[7] If it is not working, you must repeat the same process with a different code.

Program Contour M7820 Remote

 Contour M7820 Remote

[1] Press the TV button on the remote. Make sure that the remote is facing your TV.

[2] Find the required code for the TV model.

[3] Press and hold the Setup button, and release them after the TV mode LED blinks twice.

[4] Enter the four-digit TV code on the numeric keypad that you have noted down,

[5] Click the Power button after the remote has been paired to test them.

Using the same steps, you can program the Mini Box RF3220-R remote to your TV.

Program Cox Contour Remote XR11 to TV

Cox Contour remote XR11

The XR11 remote works with the Contour 2 receiver, which offers search-by-voice, seamless device control, and other features.

[1] Turn on your TV and point the XR11 remote towards the panel.

[2] Press and hold the Setup button on your remote control, and release it when the LED turns green.

[3] Note down the five-digit TV code using a manual or via code tool.

[4] Input the code on your keypad and wait until the LED blinks twice.

[5] Now, press the Power button to check whether it’s correctly paired or not.

Program Cox Contour Remote XR15 to TV

The XR15 is a variant of the XR11 remote and it also comes up with a Contour 2 receiver. To pair XR15 to your TV, follow the below steps.

Cox Contour Remote XR15

[1] Power on your TV and point your XR15 remote toward it.

[2] Press and hold the Contour and Mute buttons until the LED turns green.

[3] Note down the five-digit code of your TV, and navigate to the user manual or code tool to find the exact code.

[4] Input the five-digit code using your keypad.

[5] Finally, press the Power key to test your remote.

Program Cox Mini-Box URC2220 Remote to TV

Mini-Box URC2220

[1] Switch on your TV and press the TV Power button.

[2] Press and hold the Setup key until the LED flashes twice.

[3] Get the pairing code from the user manual.

[4] Enter the required code with the keypad.

[5] Press the Power button or any other button to test if the remote is paired to your TV.

Program Cox Mini-Box RF3220-R Remote to TV

1. Turn on your TV and point the RF3220-R Remote in front of your TV.

2. Press the Power key one time.

3. Press and hold the Setup button till the LED light blink two times.

4. Release the buttons after the buttons start blinking.

5. You can find the one-digit code of your TV in the popular brand’s section of the remote manual.

6. Press and hold the one-digit code of your TV till the TV turns off.

7. Now, the remote will be programmed into your TV. Use the Cox remote to control your TV.

Program Cox URC1090 Remote to TV

Cox Big Button Remote URC1090

1. Power on your TV and point the remote in front of your TV.

2. Next, press the Power key once.

3. Press and hold the Setup key until the light blinks.

4. Now, you need to find the code of your TV and enter the code by pressing the right keys on the numeric keypad of the remote.

5. Check whether your remote responds by pressing the Power button on your remote.

How to Fix Cox Remote Not Working

If your Cox remote is not working properly, you can’t program it to your TV. You can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Not Able to Turn the TV On or Off

You will not be able to power on or off your TV if the remote is not in TV mode. To fix this issue, the TV remote in front of the TV and press the TV button, then click the Power button. Now, your programmed TV will turn on or off according to your command.

Unable to Adjust Volume

If you can’t adjust the volume settings of the TV, there are possibilities for the remote to get stuck somewhere. To fix this, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Point your Cox remote in front of your TV.

2. Hold the Select and Mute buttons on your TV remote.

3. You can find the Mode key blink twice.

4. Press the Volume Up and TV buttons on the remote.

5. Finally, you can adjust the volume using the remote.

TV Remote is Not Working Consistently

If you don’t point the Cox remote at the receiver, you cannot use the remote to control your TV consistently. To fix this, try the steps mentioned here.

1. If you find any obstacles in front of the receiver, you need to clear them, as they will interfere with the communication between the receiver and the remote.

2. Make sure you use the remote close to the receiver and point it directly to the receiver.

3. Press any button on your remote to check if the receiver is responding to the remote.


1. How can I reset my Cox remote?

Press and hold the Setup button on the Cox remote for 3 seconds until the red LED o your remote control turns green. Input 9-8-1, a green LED blinks twice to indicate the remote has been reset.

2. Can I program the Cox remote to Sony Smart TV?

Yes, using the Cox remote code for Sony Smart TV, you can program the Cox remote.