How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs has the Smart Hub store to install apps and games. With that, you can get live TV and on-demand content. But, to get local channels on Samsung Smart TV, the process is hectic and you will face several issues. With local channels on Samsung TV, you will get to know about all the news happening around you.

Local channels may vary based on your geolocation. Based on the ZIP code you provide, you will get a different set of local channels. In Samsung Smart TV, there are several ways to get local channels. All of them are listed below.

Ways to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV

  • Using Antenna or Cable
  • Using Streaming Apps
  • By Auto Programs

Using Antenna or Cable

If you’re using a non-smart Samsung TV, you can use an antenna or a cable to stream local channels. However, you can also use an antenna or cable on your smart TV too.


[1] Before you start using the antenna, ensure whether it is supported on your Samsung TV.

[2] The antenna installation process is very simple. All you have to do is connect one end of the coaxial cable to the antenna jack and the other on your Samsung TV. Finally, connect the power source to the transmitter on the antenna.

[3] Once you have connected the antenna to the TV, you can scan for the channels.

  • Navigate to the Settings of your Samsung TV.
  • Select Broadcasting.
  • Click Auto Tuning.
  • Tap Start Scanning.

[4] Wait for a couple of minutes until the scanning is completed. Once it’s finished, all the available local channels will be displayed on your Samsung TV.

Using Streaming Apps

You can also download some of the local channels providing streaming apps from the Smart Hub store. Some of those applications are,

Use streaming apps to get local channels on Samsung Smart TV

[1] Make sure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to a WiFi network.

[2] Navigate to the app store to find these apps under the Apps section.

[3] You can choose one among them which you feel will be the best suited.

Using Auto Program

You can also use the auto program function to search for local channels on your Samsung TV. However, this feature will not work if you’re located in rural areas.

[1] On your Samsung TV remote, press the Home button. Slide to the left and choose Source TV.

[2] Now, navigate to the Samsung TV Settings using the remote and head over to Broadcasting, and click Auto Program.

[3] A list of options will appear. Air, Cable, or Both. Choose any one of them.

[4] On doing this, your Samsung TV will search and display all the available local TV channels.

Problems Faced While Getting Local Channels on Samsung TV

There will be several problems you face while setting up local channels on your Samsung Smart TV. Follow the below methods to resolve your issues.

Change the RF Cable Slot

RF Cable Slot

Most of the time, you tend to plug in the cable or the antenna in the wrong slot. Therefore, you may face issues in setting up local channels on your Samsung TV. In such cases, make sure you unplug the cable and insert it back into the right slot.

Restart your TV

You may not be able to set up local channels on your Samsung TV due to certain glitches. In such a case, your problem may be resolved just by restarting your TV. Follow the below step to restart your TV.

  • Press the Power button on your TV remote to turn off your TV.
  • Remove the power cable from the slot.
  • Plug it in back after a couple of minutes.
  • Once again, press the Power button on your TV remote to turn on your Samsung TV.

Factory Reset

On performing a factory reset, all the major issues faced will be resolved. However, all the settings and configurations will be permanently lost. Therefore, make sure you backup before you factory reset your TV. Below are the steps to factory reset your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV (1)
  • Navigate to the Settings on your Samsung Smart TV using the remote.
  • Click General.
  • Choose the Reset option and enter your pin. If you haven’t set a pin, then your pin must be 0000 by default.
  • Finally, click OK.
  • Your TV will now restart and it will be reset.

Common FAQ’s

[1] Does Samsung TV Plus have local channels?

Samsung TV does not have local channels by default. You will have to download several applications to stream local channels.

[2] How do I get local channels on my Samsung Smart TV?

There are three different ways to get local channels on Samsung Smart TV. Pick a method that suits your TV.