How to Find LG Smart TV Model Number

How to find model number on LG TV

Quick Tips

  • You can get the LG TV model number on the back side of your TV
  • Using Settings: Home Screen → SettingsQuick SettingsGeneralAbout This TVModel Number.

Every LG Smart TV has its model number unique from each other. The model number consists of all the basic information about your TV, in which you can identify the manufacture date, year, size, and region. To find the model number of your LG TV, navigate the TV’s Settings menu or lookup the TV’s back panel.

The model number of your LG TV will be useful for warranty claims and other support claims. Both the model number and serial number are more or less the same. With the model number, you will get information about your TV, like screen size, design, picture settings, series, and mode. With the serial number, you will get manufacturing details like the year of manufacturing, place, and more.

How to Find Model Number of LG Smart TV

On your LG Smart TV, there are common ways to find the model number, represented in a sequence of numbers and alphabets. For LG Smart TV, model or serial numbers are of two types. One type of model number starts with the screen size, followed by a set of alphabets and numbers. The other type starts with three numbers followed by four alphabets and a set of numbers.

Locating Model Number on LG TVs

You can search for the model or serial number on the back panel of all LG TVs.

LG T model number

If the sticker on the LG TV back panel is torn off, you can use any one of these alternatives.

  • On the back of the LG remote control
  • In the packaging box
  • By viewing About This TV option

In some models of LG Smart TV, the kit remote will have the model number sticker. You can also search for the unboxing kit of your LG TV to get the serial number. If you can’t find any of them, you can use the LG TV Settings menu to get the model number.

Finding Model Number Under System Settings

[1] Press the Home button on your remote control and open Settings.

[2] Navigate to the Quick Settings menu.

[3] Scroll down and choose General.

Navigate General

[4] Select the About TV option under General.

Select About This TV

[5] From the available list, view the model number right to Model at first.

Model number of LG TV

Decoding the LG TV Model Number

Based on the year and type, the format of the model number varies along with the details it holds.

LG OLED TV Model Numbers

Let’s take the LG OLED65C1PUB as an example.

  • OLED – TV series
  • 65 – Size of the TV screen
  • C – Model of the TV
  • 1 – Year of manufacture (2021). 2 for 2022
  • P – It defines the sales regions
  • U – Digital tuner type
  • B – Design features

LG NanoCell QNED TV Model Numbers

Here, let’s take the LG 50NANO80UPA as an example.

  • 50 – Size of the TV screen
  • NANO – TV series (new QNED launches in the year 2021)
  • 8 – TV series
  • 0 – TV model
  • U – Model sales region
  • P – TV model development year (2021)
  • A – Design modifications

Old LG Model Numbers

Before 2018 the model number was the same for all the LG TV lineups. For old LG models, there are separate algorithms for model numbers starting from the year (2011 – 2017).

For the Year 2017

Take 32LJ500B as an example.

  • 32 – Screen size
  • L – Screen type
  • J – Year of manufacture
  • 5 – Series
  • 0 – Model
  • 0 – Design variation
  • B – Digital tuner type

For the Year 2016

Take OLED65E6P as an example.

  • OLED – Display type
  • 65 – Screen size
  • E – Design features
  • 6 – Year of development (2016)
  • P – Tuner type

For the Year 2015

In the 2015 LG TV models, EG9900 (4K OLED), EF9800 (4K OLED), UF9500 (4K LCD), LF6500,

  • EG – Curved OLED 4K screen/4-color screen
  • EF – Flat-screen OLED 4K
  • UF – Flat-screen 4K TV
  • LF – Full HD TV

For the Year 2014

In the 2014 LG TV models, take 55LB730V as an example.

  • 55 – Screen size
  • L – TV display type ( LED)
  • B – Year of development
  • 7 – TV series
  • 3 – TV model
  • 0 – TV modification
  • V – Tuner type (Digital tuner)

For the Year 2013

In the 2013 LG TV models, take 55LA860V as an example.

  • 55 – size
  • LA – Year of manufacture
  • 8 – TV series
  • 6 – Model of the TV
  • 0 – TV modification
  • V – Tuner type (Digital tuner)

For the Year 2012

For 2012 LG TV models, take 55LM960V as an example.

  • 55 – Screen size
  • L – Screen type (LED)
  • M – Year of development
  • 9 – TV series
  • 6 – TV model
  • 0 – Modification of TV model
  • V – Digital tuner


1. What is the model number for LG Golder Eye TV?

LG Golden Eye TV is one of the oldest TVs. The model numbers of those TV will look like CF-21 D 33 KE.

2. What does OLED stand for?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

3. How to find the MAC address on LG Smart TV?

You can get the MAC address on your LG Smart TV on the WiFi settings.