How to Enable VRR on Samsung Smart TV

VRR Samsung TV

The VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) mode on the Samsung Smart TV reduces lag and eliminates frame tearing. With this, you will get a better gameplay experience. When this feature is enabled on your Samsung Smart TVs, the TV can match the frame rate of the gaming consoles and other external sources. You can enable the VRR feature by enabling the Game Mode on Samsung Smart TV.

VRR Compatible Samsung TVs

You can enable the VRR feature only on the HDMI 2.1 port. The HDMI 2.1 is available only on the 2020 and above models of Samsung Smart TV. Some of the supported models are,

How to Enable VRR on Samsung TV

The VRR feature can’t be enabled by default. The Variable Refresh Rate is only for gaming purposes. If you connect any gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox on your Samsung TV, you will get the VRR feature.

VRR on and VRR off on Samsung TV

[1] Connect your Samsung Smart TV and PlayStation using the HDMI 2.1 port.

[2] After connecting, navigate to PlayStation Settings.

[3] Scroll down and select the Screen and Video option.

Select Screen and Video to enable VRR Samsung TV

[4] Select Video output and choose Video Output Information.

Choose Video output Information

[5] Now, navigate to the VRR option.

Navigate VRR option on Samsung TV

[6] Select VRR and turn the mode to Automatic to enable the feature.

Switch VRR to Automatic on Samsung TV

[8] Then, turn on the Apply to Unsupported Games toggle.

Enable Apply to Unsupported Games

After enabling the VRR mode on your Samsung Smart TV, you can play 4K and HDR games without any lags. Remember that the VRR mode is only available on your smart TVs when you connect any gaming consoles. Based on your Samsung TV model, you will get a different gaming experience. If the game is not performing well with the VRR, you can turn off the feature.


1. Do you need VRR for 120Hz?

No, for 120Hz, you don’t need VRR on your TV.

2. Does VRR affect picture quality?

Yes, in some Smart TV models, VRR will affect the picture quality.