How to Find MAC Address on LG Smart TV

how to find mac address on lg smart tv

Quick Tips

  • MAC address is a unique address on your LG Smart TV used to track the device.
  • Settings Network WiFi connection Advanced WiFi SettingsMAC address.

The Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique address set by the manufacturer. You can’t change or modify the MAC address. In the LG Smart TV, you can get the MAC to address from the WiFi settings. The MAC address is often referred to as the Physical Address, Hardware Address, Ethernet Address, or Burned-In Address.

MAC Address Structure

Usually, the MAC address is a series of letters and number combinations separated by hyphens and colons. For instance, a typical Mac address will look like 4C:19:95:FQ:5U:32

Where is the MAC Address on LG Smart TV

As the MAC address is related to the internet, you must connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi. Without WiFi connectivity, you can’t get the MAC address of your LG TV. You can find the MAC address of your LG Smart TV from the Advanced WiFi settings menu.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG Smart TV.

2. Select the Network icon from the Settings menu.

3. Select the WiFi Connection option. Now, you can see the network that your LG Tv is connected to.


4. Next, select the Advanced WiFi Settings option from the menu using the remote control.

Advanced Wi-Fi Network Settings

5. On the next screen, you can find the MAC Address. Along with the MAC address, you will also get the IP address, DNS Server address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway

MAC Address

If you want to find the MAC address on LG without a remote, you must pair your smartphone to the LG ThinQ app on your LG TV and use your smartphone as a remote. Knowing your LG TV’s MAC address is as important as updating your LG Smart TV. When talking to customer support, they will ask for the MAC address of your TV to check whether your LG Smart TV is brought from the official store or any non-licensed stores. If you have any network-related issues like LG Smart TV not connecting to WiFi or not loading any web pages, you can use the MAC address to carry forward the troubleshooting steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the MAC address the same as the IP address?

MAC address or Media Access Control address will help your device on your local network and other devices. At the same time, an IP address helps one identify a device worldwide.

2. Can I change the MAC address on my LG smart TV?

Since the MAC address is added to your device by the device manufacturers, it is impossible to make changes to it.