How to Change Source Resolution on Philips Smart TV

Change Source Resolution on Philips TV-FEATURED IMAGE

Quick Tips

  • You can change HDMI Source and Screen Resolution on your Philips Smart TV
  • HDMI Source resolution: SetupVideo Setup PageHDMI SetupHDMI VideoChange the resolution.
  • Screen Resolution: SettingsDisplay SettingsScreen ResolutionChange the resolution.

Usually, all smart TVs come with higher-resolution displays. A higher resolution produces the content sharper and clearer with utmost quality, whereas a lower resolution displays the content with lower quality. The older Philips smart TVs had 640*480p (1 million pixels) which was gradually developed and converted into 7680*4320p (8 million pixels). If you use a lower-quality source resolution, you can change it to a better one with the help of Settings on your Philips smart TV.

How to Change HDMI Source Resolution on Philips Smart TV

1. Make sure your Philips Smart TV is on disc mode, and press Setup on the remote.

2. Under Setup, select Video Setup Page and press OK on the remote.

3. Further, select HDMI Setup HDMI Video and press OK.

4. You can see a list of available resolutions and choose the one to which you like to apply.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Philips Smart TV

Before changing the resolution on your smart TV, make sure to check the resolution that is currently applied on the screen. To check, press Info on the remote. Enable the On Screen Display (OSD), and you can check the existing resolution on your smart TV.

1. Go to Settings on your Philips Smart TV.

2. In the Settings page, select Display Settings.

3. Select Screen Resolution and choose the resolution that suits your preference.

What are the Resolutions available?

How to Change Source Resolution on Philips TV
NameAlt NamesHorizontal PixelsVertical PixelsTotal PixelsTV AvailabilityCommon Media
480pStandard7204803,45,600NoneDVD, Standard Channels
720pHD12807208,69,760Very RareHD Channels
1080pFull HD192010802 million+RareStreaming, Blu-ray, Game Consoles(PS4, Xbox One X)
4KUltra HD384021608 million+Very CommonStreaming, Blu-ray, Game Consoles(PS5, Xbox One X)
8K8K UHD7680432033 million+Fairly CommonStreaming, PC Gaming

What Resolution Does Philips Smart TV Support?

Philips Smart TV supports the following computer and video formats.

Computer Formats

  • 640*480 60Hz
  • 800*600 60Hz
  • 1024*768 60Hz

Video Formats

  • 640*480i 1Fh
  • 640*480p 2Fh
  • 720*576i 1Fh
  • 720*576p 2Fh
  • 1280*720p 3Fh
  • 1920*1080i 2Fh


1. Can you configure HDMI settings on Philips Smart TV?

Yes. You can configure HDMI settings on your Philips Smart TV to get better output from video and audio.

2. How to hard reset on Philips Android TV?

If you wish to reset all the settings back to default, you can perform a hard reset on your Philips Android TV. Go to Settings → Device Preferences → Reset Factory Data → Reset → Erase Everything.