How to Use AirPlay on Vizio TV

AirPlay on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio SmartCast TV is one of the best smart TVs available in the market. You can watch a lot on the TV like movies, TV shows, sports, news, music, and much more. It offers many advanced features to enhance the user’s streaming experience. The most useful features available on the SmartCast TV are in-built Chromecast and AirPlay support. With these features, you can screen mirror your Android and iOS devices to the TV and enjoy the content on the big screen. If you have Apple devices, you can easily AirPlay the content to the Vizio TV.

With AirPlay, you can easily control your Vizio TV using the Home app, Siri, or from the Control Center of Apple devices. In addition to watching media content, you can also share and mirror your personal memories on the TV. Further, you can install all your favorite apps on the TV from Vizio App Store.

How to Turn On/Off AirPlay on Vizio Smart TV

1. Press the Smart cast button on the Vizio TV’s remote.

press the smartcast button on the remote

2. With the help of your remote, go to the Extras section from the top panel options.

3. Scroll down to the Apple AirPlay option and press Enter on your remote.

4. Now, you will be taken to the AirPlay Settings option.

5. Tap on AirPlay to turn on the feature.

6. To turn it on, you can scroll up, and to turn it off, you can scroll down and press OK on the remote.

How to AirPlay to Vizio Smart TV

If the app you are using is AirPlay-compatible, you can AirPlay directly from the app. Apps like Spotify, TNT, Showtime, ESPN, and ABC are Airplay compatible. Otherwise, you can screen mirror the entire Apple device to AirPlay the content to the TV. You must connect your Apple device and Vizio Smart TV to the same internet connection to share the content.

Steps to Use AirPlay from an App to Vizio TV on iPhone/iPad

1. Install the AirPlay-compatible app on your iPhone/iPad from App Store.

2. Launch the app and choose the content that you want to stream.

3. Now, tap on the AirPlay icon on the app’s screen.

tap the airplay icon to screen mirror the content to vizio tv

4. Choose your Vizio TV name from the list.

5. Upon successful connection, the selected content will play on your Vizio TV.

If you want to AirPlay the photos,

1. Open your Photos and choose the one that you want to share on the big screen.

2. Navigate to the More options and tap the AirPlay icon.

3. Select your Vizio Smart TV and the photo will be shared on the TV.

How to Screen Mirror the Entire Device

1. Go to Control Center on your iPhone/iPad. You can just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the Control Center.

2. Tap the Screen Mirroring option from the screen.

tap screen mirroring to airplay to vizio tv

3. Choose your Vizio Smart TV name.

4. Wait for a few minutes for both devices to connect. Once the connection is established, you can see your iPhone screen on your TV.

5. Now, launch the app from which you want to stream the content.

6. Play the content that will appear on your Vizio TV screen.

How to AirPlay from Mac

1. On your Mac home screen, tap the AirPlay icon in the Control Center.

Select AirPlay icon

2. If you want to use your TV as a 2nd or 3rd display, you can choose a second display option.

3. Select your Vizio Smart TV name from the list to connect.

4. Launch the app and stream the content on your Vizio Smart TV.

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AirPlay on Vizio TV Not Working: Best Fixes

If the AirPlay function is not working properly, you can follow the simple fixes given below to rectify the problem.

  • Make sure to connect both devices to the same WiFi network
  • Ensure that your iOS device runs on iOS 12.4 or higher
  • Check the AirPlay option is enabled on the TV
  • Restart Vizio TV
  • Update Applications
  • Update Firmware of Vizio Smart TV
  • Contact Vizio customer support

That’s all about using AirPlay on Vizio Smart TV. Once you enable AirPlay on the TV, you can enjoy all the content on the big screen, including your personal memories. Remember, without connecting both devices to the same network connection. You cannot AirPlay any content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you AirPlay on Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, you can AirPlay on Vizio Smart TV from your Apple devices.

How to get AirPlay2 on Vizio TV?

You can visit Extras on the Vizio Smart TV >> Apple AirPlay Settings >> enable Airplay on Vizio TV.

What to do when AirPlay disappeared on the Vizio Smart TV?

You have to check the internet connection initially to get the AirPlay support. The Vizio Smart TV must be updated to the latest version to avail AirPlay feature.