How to Update Vizio Smart TV [3 Easy Ways]

Update Apps on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio is one of the best-selling smart TV models. It offers a variety of smart TV models that includes SmartCast TV models, VIA TVs, and various ULED TVs. You can install and stream various applications on your Vizio Smart TV. Vizio Smart TVs run on their own firmware. Like any other gadgets VIZIO will also release few updates to its firmware. It will enhance the TV’s functionality and fix various bugs. This guide will help you with how to update Vizio Smart TV.

The steps required to update Vizio Smart TV will differ from the model. Few smart TVs fetch the updates automatically. And in a few models, you need to perform a manual update.

  • Vizio SmartCast TVs released in 2018 – Both Automatic and Manual Updates.
  • Vizio SmartCast 4K UHD TVs released between 2016 – 2017 – Both Automatic and Manual Updates.
  • SmartCast HD TVs released from 2016 – 2017 – Only Automatic Updates
  • Vizio VIA and VIA Plus released until 2017 – Only Automatic Updates

How to Update Vizio Smart TV Automatically

#1 Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

#2 Vizio smart TVs will look for available updates frequently when connected to the internet.

#3 If there is any, then the update will be queued. When the TV is in sleep mode, the update will begin.

#4 If you turn on your TV while updating, the update process will be queued again. The TV will be updated only when it is off.

#5 You can find the notification on the screen while turning on your TV after the update.

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How to Update Vizio Smart TV Manually

#1 Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

#2 Press the V button on the supplied TV remote.

V button

#3 From the menu options, choose System.

Update Vizio Smart TV

#4 And then click on the Check for Updates option.

Update Vizio Smart TV

#5 Now, the TV will start checking for any available updates.

#6 If there is any new update, confirm it by pressing the Install option and follow the on-screen prompts.

#7 While TV is updating, don’t turn off or don’t remove the power plug.

#8 A new update will be downloaded and installed. Once the update is done, the TV will restart automatically.

How to Update Vizio Smart TV Manually: Using USB

#1 Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and navigate to the Settings > System.

#2 From your computer web browser, go to the Vizio Support site.

#3 Click on the Find your Firmware option.

Update Vizio Smart TV Manually

#4 Enter the serial number or TV model number in the provided text box and click Get Firmware Data.

Get Firmware Data

#5 Make sure that it is the latest version than the version that you noted on your TV.

#6 Download the file and rename it as “fwsu.img” as it will be easier for your TV to recognize.

#7 Copy the file to a USB drive and plug the drive into your TV after turning it off.

#8 Turn on your TV, and a blue light will indicate that the TV has picked the USB file.

#9 Once the blue light turns off, power off the TV and remove the USB drive.

#10 Go to Settings > System and make sure that your firmware has been updated successfully.

These are the three ways to update your Vizio Smart TV. Based on your Vizio TV model, pick a method to update it. Updating your Vizio Smart TV to the latest version will allow you to access new features and will remove minor bugs in the software. So, when a new update is available for your TV, update it as soon as possible. If you have doubts while updating the Vizio Smart TV, ping us in the comments below.