How to Watch YouTube on Hisense Smart TV

YouTube on Hisense Smart TV

YouTube is an online video streaming platform, and it is a part of Google LLC. It is free to watch the videos, and it plays ads at the start, in between the video. You can get to watch the live streaming of the channels such as events and press conferences. The videos can be downloaded in the app for offline streaming, and it has multi-language captions for videos. We will learn how to watch YouTube on Hisense Smart TV in the below section.

You can watch top movies and series on the YouTube app using the buy or rent option. It also has a number of popular documentaries and special broadcasts. The Explore section paves the way for exploring different kinds of videos, and it is categorized into trending, education, learning, live, music, fashion, sports, and more. It has a shorts section to watch the mini videos of every channel.

YouTube Subscription

YouTube subscription is known as YouTube Premium, and it enables the user to stream the videos without ads. It also has unlimited downloads for offline viewing, and it can play videos in the background while using other apps. You can visit the YouTube website to purchase the subscription.

Subscription PlanCost per monthNo. of members
Family Premium#17.995

Watch YouTube on Hisense Smart TV

YouTube is available on the Hisense Smart TV as an inbuilt app in both the Android TV and Roku TV Operating System. In case the YouTube app is not installed on the smart TV, then you can install the app directly from the respective store.

YouTube on Hisense Android TV

(1). Launch Hisense Android TV and choose the Apps tab on the home screen.

Select Apps - YouTube on Hisense Smart TV

(2). Select the YouTube app from the available apps.

(3). Click Sign In and enter your Google account.

(4). Browse the videos on the YouTube feed and select the videos to play on the smart TV.

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YouTube on Hisense Roku TV

(1). Turn on Hisense Roku TV and connect to the Wi-Fi.

(2). Press the home button and choose the Streaming Channels in the menu.

Click Streaming Channels

(3). Search for YouTube in the Channel Store.

(4). Select the YouTube app to launch and sign in to your Google account.

(5). Choose the video to watch on the Hisense Smart TV.

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming app, and it offers complete entertainment to the whole family. You can like, comment, share the videos on social media from the app itself. If you have any problems with YouTube, please mention them in the comments.