How to Install VLC on Sony Smart TV

VLC on Sony TV

Quick Tips

  • You can install the VLC media player app directly on your Sony Smart TV (Android & Google OS)
  • Android OS: AppsGoogle Play StoreSearch VLCInstallOpen.
  • Google OS: AppsSearch VLCInstallOpen.

Video Lan Client, also known as VLC Media Player, is one of the best open-source media players, where you can play videos of any format. The VLC media player is compatible with all operating systems, like Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, and more. If you are using smart TVs like Sony Smart TV (Android & Google OS), you can install the VLC media player application directly on it.

How to Get VLC on Sony Smart TV: Android OS

[1] Make sure to connect your Sony Smart TV to the WiFi network connection.

[2] Press Home on the remote to launch the home screen.

[3] Select Apps on the left.

Select Apps

[4] Further, select Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store

[5] Select the search icon and input VLC for Android using the on-screen keyboard.

[6] Choose the app from the search results.

[7] Select Install to download the app.

Click Install to get VLC on Sony TV

[8] After installing, select Open to launch the app.

Click Open to get VLC on Sony TV

[9] Next, select Allow to allow the app to access photos, media, and other files on your smart TV.

Select Allow to browse VLC on Sony TV

[10] Browse your favorite media content in different categories by choosing Video, Audio, Browsing, and Other options.

How to Get VLC on Sony Smart TV: Google OS

[1] Launch the home screen of your Sony Google TV.

[2] Once the home screen appears, navigate to the Apps menu.

Highlight Apps

[3] Under Apps, press the Down button twice to bring up the Search bar.

Select Search

[4] Input VLC using the arrow keys on the on-screen keyboard and hit Search.

Input VLC and click Search icon

[5] After that, choose the app and select Install.

click Install to download VLC on Sony TV

[6] Once installed, select Open and launch the app.

Click Open to launch VLC on Sony TV

[7] Return to the home screen. The VLC will be available under For You section.

VLC is available under For You menu

How to Cast VLC on Sony TV

You can screen mirror your video or audio contents from the VLC player on your PC to your Sony Smart TV.

[1] Connect your PC and Sony TV to the same WiFi network.

[2] Play any video on the VLC media player.

[3] Next, click the Playback option (top-right).

[4] From the drop-down, choose Renderer → Choose your Sony Smart TV (TV name changes based on your TV).

Press Renderer and click Bedroom TV

[5] Once selected, your VLC content will be cast on the Sony Smart TV.

[6] You can control and perform functions on Sony Smart TV using the remote or your PC.


1. Is VLC Player available on Roku?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t install the VLC media player on Roku, as there is no native app available on the OS.

2. Can you enable Dolby Atmos on Sony Smart TV?

Yes. You can enable Dolby Atmos on Sony Smart TV and get a better experience while watching the content.