How to Install Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

If you are a content creator, you might be well aware of the Vimeo app. The same is the case with people who enjoy watching creative videos. Whatever be the case with you, Vimeo is the most suitable app for you. On Vimeo, creators can share the videos they made with the community there. On the other hand, anyone can enjoy watching these creative videos. If you feel impressed with the content on the Vimeo app, add it to your Panasonic Smart TV.

The Vimeo app supports a variety of languages. This includes English, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more. All of the content on Vimeo streams in HD. Add Vimeo on your TV and follow your favorite creators, their collections, and the app categories.

Subscription Plans

Vimeo offers four subscription plans starting from $7 per month.

  • Plus – $7 per month
  • Pro – $20 per month
  • Premium – $ 75 per month
  • Enterprise plans for businesses.

How to Get Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

(1) Turn on your Panasonic Smart TV and connect to the internet.

Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

(2) Choose the Apps tab and launch the Google Play Store.

Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

(3) Type and search for Vimeo using the on-screen keyboard.

(4) From the app suggestions, pick the Vimeo app icon.

(5) Click on the Install button and start downloading the Vimeo app.

(6) Once the installation is complete, click on the Open button to launch the app.

(7) Sign in to the Vimeo app with your credentials.

(8) Watch the creative videos from the Vimeo app on your Panasonic TV.

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How to Cast Vimeo on Panasonic Smart TV

(1) Connect both your Android TV and your Android smartphone to the same WiFi network.

(2) Install the Vimeo app on your smartphone from the Play Store.

(3) Open the Vimeo app and complete the login process.

(4) From inside the Vimeo app, play any video that you wish to watch on your TV.

(5) Further, tap the Cast icon on the bottom of the media player.

Cast Vimeo

(6) From the list of devices on your screen, select your Panasonic TV.

Cast Vimeo

(7) Finally, the app starts playing the particular video on your screen.

To anyone who enjoys watching creative content on their TV, there is no better option than Vimeo. Apart from being an app rich with shows, it is also a platform to upload your videos. Now, it is time for you to add and stream Vimeo on your Panasonic Smart TV. If you have any issues with the Vimeo app, let us know in the comments.