How to Use Telegram on LG Smart TV

install and use Telegram on LG Smart TV

Telegram is a popular messaging app that is being used by many people in the world. It is an open-source app. You can use Telegram to send text messages, photos, documents, contacts, files, and more. In addition to this, you can make audio and video calls to your friends and family members. Telegram is 100% safe to use and it protects all your information with end-to-end encryption. Further, the app allows you have a group chat with up to 20,000 people. You can install and use the app for free. Telegram is available on many platforms. let’s learn how to add and use Telegram on LG Smart TV.

On the Telegram app you can send larger files like movies, series, and, more and it supports all types of files. Unlike YouTube, the app lets you launch your own channels. Telegram offers more security features such as secret chats, self-destruct timers, cloud access, and global message deletion. You can access all the messages from all your devices. It is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. Further, you also get photo and video editing tools to send fun full massages.

Install Telegram on LG Smart TV

Telegram is officially not available on LG Smart TV. So, we have to screen-cast Telegram app to TV from Android and iOS smartphones.

Screen Mirror Telegram to LG Smart TV from Android

1. Connect your Android phone and LG Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Launch the Google Play Store on the Android phone and search for the Telegram app.

3. Once you found the app, install the Telegram app on your phone.

4. Now, navigate to the Notification Panel and tap the Cast option.

tap cast to install telegram on lg smart tv

5. Then, choose your LG Smart TV name from the devices available.

6. Next, launch the Telegram app and view the chats on your LG Smart TV.

Note: You can also use LG Screen Cast app on your Android smartphone to use Telegram from an Android smartphone.

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Screen Mirror Telegram from iPhone

LG Smart TV comes with an in-built AirPlay feature. So, you can screen mirror your iPhone easily.

1. Make sure to connect your iPhone to the same WiFi network as your LG Smart TV.

2. Download and install the Telegram app from the App Store.

3. Once installed, go to the Control Center on your iPhone.

4. Now, choose the Screen Mirroring option from the menu.

tap screen mirroring to use telegram on lg smart tv

5. You will get to see a number of available devices. From the list choose your LG Smart TV name.

6. Finally, now you can use Telegram on your LG TV from your iPhone.

These are the two alternative ways that you can use to access Telegram on LG Smart TV. Telegram has a reputation as a secure messaging app, so you needless to worry about your privacy. The app is very simple to use. If you have any queries or feedback, mention them in the comments section below.

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