How to Install Spotify on LG Smart TV

Spotify on LG Smart TV

Music streaming apps are available in many, and Spotify is one of the best apps in the world in terms of audio quality. It also has podcasts to listen to the stories and talks of the favorite persons. Spotify has roughly a collection of 70 million songs to stream online, and it is free to stream with advertising commercials. You can install the Spotify app on the LG Smart TV and watch the video podcasts on the TV screen.

Spotify offers podcasts in various genres such as entertainment, educational, news, literature, fashion, finance, lifestyle, health, history, and many more. It has many created playlists for the artist, genre, decade, mood, and more. The search option helps in searching the songs much quicker. It has a personal library to have one’s own playlist with favorite songs.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is useful for streaming songs and podcasts without the ads. It also has an offline streaming option in the premium, and it provides many mixing music playlists for the listeners. Spotify has concessions for students in the Premium subscription, and it costs $4.99 per month.

Spotify PremiumNo. of AccessCost per month

How to Stream Spotify on LG Smart TV

(1). Launch the LG Smart TV and connect to the WiFi connection.

(2). Click the LG Content Store on the home screen and select the Search option.

Click Search option

(3). Enter Spotify in the search and choose the Spotify app.

(4). Click Install to download the Spotify app on the LG Smart TV.

(5). Select Launch to open Spotify app and click Settings in the app.

(6). Choose Login with PIN to get the Activation Code.

(7). Visit the Spotify official website.

(8). Sign in to your Spotify account and type the Activation Code.

Sign in to your Spotify account

(9). Choose the song in the app and stream it on the LG Smart TV.

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Alternative Method to Stream Spotify on LG Smart TV

You can also stream the Spotify app on the smart TV using the inbuilt cast icon to connect to the smart TV. The only criteria for this method are the common internet connection between the LG Smart TV and the smartphone.

(1). Download and install the Spotify app from Google Play Store, App Store on the smartphone.

(2). Launch the Spotify app and log in with your Spotify account details.

(3). Choose the song or a track to play. Click the Available Devices option at the bottom.

Click Cast - Spotify on LG Smart TV

(4). Select the LG Smart TV from the device and connect to the TV.

(5). Stream the songs from the app and listen to them on the smart TV.

Spotify is a wholesome app to listen to a wide variety of music tracks and songs. It also offers on-screen lyrics in multiple languages to sing with the song. Get the Spotify app on your LG Smart TV and stream your favorite songs. If you face any trouble with the Spotify app, please specify in the comments section below.