How to Enable Pro Mode on Sony Smart TV


Quick Tips

  • Turn on the Pro Mode on your Sony TV to get advanced customization options.
  • TV RemoteDisplay buttonMute buttonVolume + buttonHome buttonStart Pro ModeOK.

Pro Mode is one of the picture modes available on Sony Smart TV. In the Pro Mode, you will get advanced settings for picture controls that are unavailable in the normal mode. With this feature, you can expand the start-up services, alter the admin password function, set the USB drive autorun function, and more.

Modes on Sony TV

There are three types of modes.

  • Normal Mode – All the professional settings and features are disabled.
  • Pro Settings Mode – Customize the features and functions.
  • Pro Mode – Apply all the customization in the TV.

How to Enter Pro Mode on Sony Smart TV

1. Grab your Sony TV remote.

2. Press Display >> Mute >> Volume + >> Home button.

3. Now, you will enter into the Pro Mode.

4. Click on Start Pro Mode.

Click on Start Pro Mode

5. Press Ok to confirm the process.

Enter into pro mode on Sony TV.

6. Now, your Sony TV will reboot. After the restart, the TV will enter into Pro Mode.

How to Exit Pro Mode and Change to Normal Mode on Sony TV

1. Select Pro Settings and click on Change to Normal Mode.

Select Change to Normal Mode.

2. Hit Ok to confirm the process.

Exit the Pro Mode on Sony TV.

3. When the process is over, your Sony TV will restart and enter into Normal Mode.

4. When your TV is stuck in Pro Mode, press the Power Button >>Display >> Mute >> Volume – >> Home button on the remote to exit the Pro Mode.


1. What are the input sources in the Pro Mode?

The available input sources are default, external input, start-up app, and Android app.

2. Which picture mode is best for Sony TV?

There is no definite picture mode for Sony TV. For specific purposes, you have to change the mode. To play games, enable the Game Mode on Sony TV. To watch movies, enable Theater Mode on your TV.