Samsung Art Store Hack: How to Get Free Arts

Art Store is available on Samsung Fame TV models. The Art Mode on Samsung TV acts as a screensaver for Samsung TVs. This feature is named Ambient mode or Gallery mode on other models. This Art Mode gives you the impression of a real painting hanging on a wall by adjusting the brightness and other color settings based on your TV’s surroundings. Due to this advanced technology, Samsung Art Store comes up with a subscription price of $5 per month. If you want to use the Samsung Art Store for free, you need to follow the specific trick or hack.

There are different hacks that you can follow to get the Samsung Art Store for free. You can use your own image as a screensaver on Samsung TV. As of now, there are 1400+ arts in the Samsung Art Store. Out of 1400, few of them are available for free.

How to Get Free Art on Samsung Frames

You can use the below four easy ways to get free art for the Samsung Frame TV

  • Use Free Images on Art Store
  • Deco TV Frames Art Store
  • Use Own Photos
  • Create New Digital Images
Samsung Frame on Art Store

Use Free Images from Art Store

[1] Launch your Samsung Frame TV.

[2] On the Home screen, go to Samsung Art Store.

[3] In the Samsung Art Store, you can find a collection of free art to display on your Frame TV.

[4] Look for the arts that are available for free.

[5] You can use those free images from the Art Store.

Deco TV Frames Art Store

Deco Frames Art Store

The Deco TV Frames is a company that makes art for the Samsung Frame TV and it has its own Art Store. In the Deco Art Store, you can get arts worth $100 for free with the code ART100. Go to the Deco TV Frames website and browse for the arts for your Samsung Frame TV. Use the coupon code to get the discount.

Use Own Photos

You can also use your own digital photos as art on your Samsung Frame TV. It is recommended to use high-quality images on your Frame TV so that it doesn’t get pixelated. You can crop or resize it to 380 x 2160 pixels to fit the dimensions of the Samsung Frame TV. You can use any of your digital photos on the Art Store for free.

Create Own Digital Image

You can also create your own digital image to use on your Samsung Frame TV. You can use any of the design tools like Canva to create new digital images and use them in the Art Store for free.

The above mentioned are some of the Samsung Art Store hacks that can help you to use for free art on your Samsung Frame TV.


1. How long does Art Mode stay on Samsung Frame TV?

In Art Mode settings, you can adjust the Sleep After feature to turn off the mode automatically. The Sleep After feature is the same as the Sleep Timer on Samsung TV.

2. Do all Samsung TVs have Art Mode?

2021 and above Samsung Frame TV models come with the Art Mode.