How to Access Quick Start on LG Smart TV


Quick Tips

  • The Quick Start feature on your LG TV will reduce the start-up time.
  • Settings All SettingsGeneralQuick Start+Turn on the toggle.

The Quick Start feature speeds up the start-up time and the loading time of LG Smart TV. Most of the time, people will leave their TVs turned on and do some other work. Thus, the power consumption will increase. If you enable Quick Start, it will put your LG TV in Sleep Mode if it finds inactivity for a long time. You can also enable the energy-saving mode on your LG TV to reduce power consumption.

What is Quick Start

The Quick Start feature puts your LG TV on Standby Mode. The Standby Mode will enable when your TV is not in use. It puts your device in Sleep Mode without powering it off completely. The sleep mode consumes less power when compared to the power consumed when your TV is on. The Quick Start reduces the start-up time of your TV.

How to Enable or Disable Quick Start on LG Smart TV

1. Grab your LG Smart TV remote control and go to the home page of your TV.

2. Move to the Settings icon and click it.

Click on the Settings icon on your LG Smart TV.

3. Click on All Settings and select General Settings.

4. You can see the Quick Start+ feature

Enable or Disable quick start on your LG Smart TV.

5. Slide the toggle to the left side to disable the Quick Start feature.

7. Slide the toggle to the right side to enable the Quick Start feature on your Smart TV.


1. Is it better to leave the TV on Standby Mode?

Yes, the Standby Mode saves little electricity. While turning off your TV, you have to turn off the standby mode also.

2. Will Standby mode consumes a large amount of electricity?

No, The Standby Mode consumes only a little electricity on your Smart TV.

3. How much electricity does standby mode use?

The standby mode consumes less than 0.5 watts.

4. How do I change the start-up screen on my LG TV?

You can disable the Home Auto Launch and Home Promotion to turn off the start-up screen on your LG TV.