How to Get Philo on JVC Smart TV

Philo on JVC Smart TV

If you spend a decent amount of time on your TV, you need to have subscribed to a TV provider service. If you need a budget-friendly live TV app, you can subscribe to Philo. Philo subscription is an affordable package of 64 live TV channels. Subscribe to Philo and install the app on your JVC Smart TV.

Philo is not just a live TV streaming service but also has on-demand titles. These titles on Philo streams in 1080p streaming quality. When it comes to live TV channels, Philo has all popular entertaining TV channels. This includes Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, and TLC.

Subscription Plans

You can find only one plan on Philo and it charges you $25 per month. You can enjoy up to 64 channels with a Philo subscription along with a seven-day free trial.

Philo on JVC Smart TV

JVC Smart TV has either an Android TV OS or a Roku TV OS. As you know, adding an app on these operating systems might be a little different. So, let’s explore adding Philo to both of these operating systems.

How to Get Philo on JVC Android TV

[1] Start by turning on your JVC Android TV.

[2] Select the Apps tab and launch the Google Play Store from the home screen.

Philo on JVC Smart TV

[3] From the screen, select the Search icon on your screen.

Philo on JVC Smart TV

[4] Search for the Philo app.

[5] Choose the Philo app from the search results.

[6] Choose the Install button.

[7] Launch the Philo app on your JVC Smart TV.

[9] Sign in to your Philo account and watch all the live TV channels.

How to Install Philo on JVC Roku TV

[1] Turn on your JVC Roku TV and connect to the internet connection.

Roku Streaming Channels

[2] Select the Streaming Channels option and the Search option.

Roku Search Philo

[3] Type down and search for Philo on your search bar.

[4] Select the Philo app icon from the results.

[5] Select the Add Channel option to start downloading the Philo app.

[6] Then, click on Go to channel.

[7] With this, you get the Philo app opened on your JVC Smart TV.

[8] Log in with your Philo credentials.

[9] Stream all the 64 live TV channels on your JVC Smart TV.

Now, you know how to get the Philo app on your JVC TV. With the 64 channels, you will get two or three channels from each category. However, if you are looking for local channels and sports channels, you might be a little disappointed with Philo.