Panasonic Smart TV Blinking Red Light 10 Times: How to Fix

Panasonic TV blinking Red Light 10 times

Some of the Panasonic Smart TV users are complaining that the TV is blinking red light (10 times) continuously when turned on. The main reason for this issue is the power supply. Your Panasonic TV is not receiving enough power supply to turn on the TV. You can easily fix the Panasonic Smart TV won’t turn on issue just following the simple troubleshooting tips.

Reasons for Panasonic TV Blinking Red Light 10 Times

The reason why Panasonic TV is not turning on and blinking red light 10 times are,

Wrong Cable Connection

If you use power cables from another TV to your Panasonic Smart TV, you will get this issue. And don’t use any extension boxes to get the power supply. We suggest a direct power supply from the power plug.


If you are using your TV for a longer period of time (binge-watching), it will overheat. With that, you will have some performance issues. Give your TV a break for at least half an hour when streaming it for more than 4 hours.

Faulty power cables

Make sure that the power cables used on Panasonic TV are not damaged. If there are damaged, buy a new one from the store.

Lack of Power Supply

Check the power board and make sure that your home is getting a stable connection. If there are any issues with the board, fix them with the concerned person.

Fixes for Panasonic Smart TV Blinking Red Light 10 Times

You can try some of the below fixes to solve the red link blinking issues. These can be done all by yourself without any technicians.

Power Cycle the TV

If your Panasonic is affected by bugs or glitches, it will blink the red light 10 times. So, perform a power cycle to resolve the issue.

[1] Turn off your Panasonic smart TV by pressing the Power button.

[2] After that, remove all the power cables and connecting cables.

Remove the power cable

[3] Wait for a few minutes after the LED light turns off. Then, keep the TV idle for more than five minutes.

[4] After that, press the Power button on your Panasonic TV for 30 seconds. This will drain all the residual power from the TV.

[5] Connect all the cables back to your Panasonic TV and plug in the power cord to the wall outlet.

[6] Finally, turn on the Panasonic TV by pressing the Power button again and check if the error is solved.

Incorrect Cable Connections

When the cables are damaged or not connected properly to the TV’s port, it can’t get enough power to turn on your TV. This will cause the red light blinking issue. To solve this issue, follow the below steps;

[1] Disconnect the cables from the Panasonic TV.

[2] Look for damaged cables. If you inspect any damaged wires, immediately replace the cable with a new one.

Look for damaged cables

[3] After that, check your ports and clean them if they’re dusty.

[4] After cleaning the ports, plug in all the cables correctly to the TV port.

[5] Now, turn on your TV and check if the issue is solved.

Check for Ventilation and Dust

If any filthy dust particles block the ventilation system of your Panasonic TV, it will overheat the TV. To fix the issue,

[1] Make sure that the ventilation fans and airflow aren’t blocked.

[2] If it’s blocked, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft duster to clean the dust.

[3] After that, remove the board from your Panasonic TV and clean the boards.

[4] Use a dry cloth to clean up the dirty vents and fans.

[5] Finally, check your Panasonic TV to see if the error is solved or not.

Reset Panasonic TV

When there are any technical errors on your system caused by bugs and glitches, you need to hard reset your Panasonic Smart TV.

[1] Unplug your Panasonic TV.

[2] Locate and press the Power button and Volume Down button on your Panasonic TV.

Press Power and Volume Down button

[3] While holding these buttons, plug back the power cable on your TV.

[4] If your TV shows the logo, it indicates that it has been tested.

[5] After the reset, the issue will be resolved. If not, you need to contact the Panasonic support

Contact Panasonic Support

When none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods helps you to solve the issue, then the issue is with the TV’s hardware. The TV’s PCB board might be damaged, or any capacitor might be damaged. You can’t fix this issue all by yourself. You need to contact Panasonic Support for aid. If you want, you can replace the TV with a warranty or you can repair it.


2. Why is my Panasonic TV blinking red 7 times?

If your Panasonic TV blinks red light 7 times, it means either SC, SU, or SD board failure. Contact Panasonic support to fix the issue.