How to Stream NOW on TCL Smart TV

NOW on TCL Smart TV

NOW is a media streaming app that offers brilliant entertainment, blockbuster cinemas, sports content. It provides plenty of on-demand movies, series, TV shows in the content library. You can connect six devices to your NOW account so you can share your account with friends and family. It is compatible with many smart TVs. You can stream NOW TV content on TCL smart TV with the free installation of the NOW app.

NOW app offers Sky Original movies and series in the content library. Subtitles are available for on-demand movies and shows. It has Parental Control to monitor the kid’s streaming with PIN protection. You can download movies and shows to watch offline if you have a membership. The users can stream the NOW app on three devices simultaneously. The excellent feature of NOW is that the users can select membership based on their interests.

Subscription Plans of NOW

NOW offers separate membership for entertainment, cinema, sports, and hayu (reality shows). It provides a trial of 7 days. The Boost offers ad-free streaming along with streaming in HD quality.

  • Entertainment Membership + BOOST – £14.99/ month
  • Cinema Membership + BOOST – £14.99/ month
  • Sports Membership + Boost free trial – £33.99/ month
  • Hayu Membership – £4.99/ month

How to Stream NOW on TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV comes in two variants, TCL Google TV with Google TV OS and TCL Roku TV with Roku TV OS. You can get the NOW app on both TVs from the Google Play Store and the Roku Channel Store.

Stream NOW on TCL Google TV

[1] Power on your TCL Google TV and click Apps on the home screen.

- Search for app

[2] Under App categories, select the Search for apps option.

[3] In the search box, type NOW and select the correct app from the suggestions.

Search for NOW on TCL Smart TV

[4] Click Install to download the app from the Google Play Store.

[5] Click Open to launch the NOW app on your TCL smart TV.

[6] Select Sign In and note the Activation Code that appears on the screen.

[7] Visit the NOW Website on your PC or smartphone.

[8] Type the Activation Code and click Let’s go.

Enter the activation code

[9] Enjoy streaming blockbuster movies or shows on your smart TV.

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Install NOW on TCL Roku TV

[1] Turn on your TCL Roku TV and connect to the internet.

[2] Press the home button on your Roku remote.

[3] Click the Streaming Channels option on the left sidebar of the screen.

Select Streaming channels

[4] Click Search Channels and search NOW app.

Search for NOW on TCL Smart TV

[5] Choose the NOW app from the results and click Add Channel to download the NOW app.

[6] Choose OK in the prompt and select Go to Channel to launch the NOW app.

[7] Note the Activation code that displays on the screen.

[8] Visit the NOW website and type the Activation Code to enable the NOW app

[9] Choose your favorite content on NOW to stream on your TCL Smart TV.

NOW is a great alternative to regular paid TV services in the UK. You can watch Sky Sports TV channels through the NOW app and the app provides all the 11 Sky Sports TV channels. For further queries on NOW on TCL Smart TV, please comment in the below section.