How to Install Nick on Sony Smart TV

Nick On Sony Smart TV

Nick is the first cable channel for children founded in 1979. It is an American cable channel based in New York. It is one of the most popular cable channels and it has over 80 million subscribers. The most popular anime series, such as Rugrats and SpongeBob SquarePants, is available only with the Nick channel. Nick channel has succeeded in the cable industry by providing quality content for children aged below 17. If you are interested, read below to stream Nick on Sony Smart TV.

There are also a lot of divisions in Nick, such as Nick Jr, TEENick, and The N. You can get all of these contents under the Nick app available for your Sony Smart TV. Also, you can use streaming services to watch Nick on your TV. The target audience for Nick is children aged below 17. They provide quality content to them. There are also other special events and anime movies produced by this channel. You have a chance to watch Nick on your smart TV by installing the Nick app on it.

How to Install and Stream Nick On Sony Smart TV

1. Turn on your Sony Smart TV.

2. Select the Play Store from the home screen.

Open the Google Play Store to get Nick on Sony Smart TV.

3. Select the Search icon.

Select the Search icon.

4. In the search bar, type Nick and search for it.

5. Choose the Nick app from the search result.

6. Select the Install button.

7. After installation, open the Nick app and note down the Activation Code.

8. Visit the official site of Nick on any browser.

9. Enter the activation code and click Continue.

Click Continue to stream Nick on Sony Smart TV.

10. Sign in with your cable subscription account to verify your account.

11. Then, launch the Nick app.

12. Now, you can stream the shows on your Sony Smart TV.

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Alternative Method to Stream Nick on Sony Smart TV

1. Connect your smartphone and Sony Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Install the Nick app from the Play Store.

3. Open the Nick app and select the Cast icon.

4. Choose your Sony Smart TV from the list of available devices.

5. Play any show to watch on your Sony Smart TV.

Play a show to watch Nick on Sony Smart TV.

Nick produces its shows for children aged 17 and below. So, the shows will be based on the liking of your kid. You can subscribe to Nick anytime and stream it on your Sony Smart TV by following the procedure above. If you have any doubts about the Nick app, let us know in the comments below.

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