How to Install NFL on Toshiba Smart TV

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV

Are you wondering where to watch NFL on Toshiba Smart TV? Then you are at the right place because we are going to discuss the same. Generally, you cannot watch all of the NFL matches on a single TV channel. NFL gives the broadcasting rights of matches to different channels at the same time. So, you have to have those channels to watch NFL. This often gets you confused about where to watch them. The 2021-2022 season of the NFL is already going on. You need ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX to watch different games of the NFL season.

Speaking about NFL, it is one of the most important football leagues. It has years of history to tell, and a true football fan will not want to miss it out. The NFL matches are played between the teams in its two conferences, American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). Finally, a Super Bowl match is conducted between the NFC Champion and the AFC champion.

Where to Watch NFL on Toshiba Smart TV

As we said above, we can’t find all the NFL matches on a single channel. It expands in different channels like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.

  • ESPN: Monday Night games
  • FOX: Thursday Night games and Sunday Afternoon games
  • CBS: Sunday Afternoon games
  • NBC: Sunday Night Football

How to Stream NFL on Toshiba Smart TV

We have these dynamic options to watch NFL. Let’s learn more about these channels that stream NFL.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is one of the best options to watch the NFL games.

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV
  • With an NFL Game Pass, you can watch NFL matches live.
  • One of the best features of NFL Game Pass is that you can watch previous matches of NFL on-demand.
  • Further, watch NFL Originals featuring your favorite teams with the Game Pass.
  • Popular NFL programs include NFL Total Access and Good Morning Football.
  • Game Pass PRO charges you $124.99 a year, with four installments of $34.06.  

Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is the right choice for you if you want to watch NFL games for free.

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV
  • Being owned by FOX, Tubi TV streams free TV channels.
  • So, you can watch free NFL matches on Tubi TV.
  • However, Tubi TV is an ad-supported streaming service.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a premium live TV streaming service. It is owned by Google.

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV
  • You can find a lot of channels streaming on YouTube TV.
  • This includes FOX, NBC, CBS, and ESPN.
  • This will cover most of the NFL matches for you.
  • YouTube TV subscription can cost you $64.99 every month and brings you 70 channels.

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You know that Hulu streams on-demand content in addition to live TV channels.

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV
  • Hulu + Live TV is a live TV streaming service from Hulu.
  • You can find news, sports, kids, and entertainment channels on Hulu.
  • Also, Hulu + Live TV stream FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.
  • So, with a Hulu + Live TV subscription, get most NFL matches covered.

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Sling TV

Sling TV is another useful live TV streaming option on various devices.

NFL on Toshiba Smart TV
  • It has two basic subscription plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange.
  • Both of these plans have basic channels and charge $35 each. Also, you can get further channels as extras.
  • When it comes to NFL, you can watch it on NBC, NFL Network, and ESPN.

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fuboTV claims to be the best live TV option for sports lovers.

  • This is because you can watch a lot of sports events with different channels on fuboTV.
  • This includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MLS Soccer, and English Premier League.
  • However, fuboTV has other entertainment, news, and kid’s channels streaming in its subscription.
  • It streams the NFL matches on FOX, CBS, NBC, and NFL Network.


AT&T TV is a premium live TV streaming service on various devices.

  • You can find all of your favorite channels on different subscription plans on AT&T TV.
  • It includes sports, entertainment, news, kids, and comedy channels.
  • Also, you can enjoy watching sports events, including NFL matches on AT&T TV.
  • AT&T TV covers most of the NFL matches with ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX channels.


Paramount Plus (or Paramount Plus) is a streaming service from CBS.

  • As we know, CBS streams Sunday matches of NFL, and you can enjoy them on Paramount Plus.
  • Paramount Plus membership can cost you $9.99 every month.
  • Also, Paramount Plus has a library of acquired shows, series, and Original shows.
  • Paramount Plus has over 30000 episodes of series and over 2500 movies.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the top on-demand content libraries.

  • Prime Video has a lot of popular movies, series, and shows that you can rent or buy.
  • However, you might not know that on Amazon channels, you can watch sports.
  • On Prime Video, watch Thursday night matches and without paying additional charges.


You all might have heard of NBC’s Peacock. This is a popular and new streaming service on different devices.

  • Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal, and we can watch NFL matches on NBC.
  • The NFL Sunday matches are available on Peacock for you to watch.
  • Further, you can watch movies, series, and other sports events on Peacock.

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You might need to subscribe to a combination of these channels to get full coverage of the NFL matches on Toshiba Smart TV. Toshiba Smart TV supports an Android TV OS and a Fire TV OS. You can find these channels on both systems. If you find any inconveniences with the channels mentioned above, comment it down.