How to Stream Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

Netflix is a global streaming platform with its app on almost all streaming devices. You can install the Netflix app or use the Netflix website just with an internet connection. You can install the Netflix app on your Panasonic Smart TV right from the Play Store. In the Netflix app, you will get video content in the form of movies, TV shows, series, comedy shows, documentaries, anime, and many more.

Netflix had a poor run in the streaming market for a few months. With that, Netflix is introducing a lot of new features. Some of them are Netflix Games, Ad-supported subscriptions, and Short Videos. Recently, Netflix celebrated its 25th anniversary on August 29th, 2022.

Netflix Subscription

As of now, Netflix is offering three types of subscriptions. The subscriptions are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

SubscriptionCost per monthSimultaneous Streaming

In the Basic Plan, you will get only the SD content. In the Stanard Plan, you will get HD content. And in the Premium Plan, you will get the UHD content.

How to Stream Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

(1). Turn on the Panasonic Smart TV and go to the home screen.

(2). Select the Apps category and choose the Netflix app.

select Apps - Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

(4). If you can’t find the app, open the Play Store and install the Netflix app.

(4). Launch the Netflix app and sign in with your account.

(5). Select the content and watch them on the Panasonic Smart TV.

How to Update Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

If you are using the older version of the Netflix app on your Panasonic TV, you will get buffering issues and volume too low issues. To avoid these issues, you have to update the Netflix app.

(1). Open the Google Play Store on your Panasonic Smart TV.

(2). Go to the Apps section and open the Installed Apps menu.

(3). Look for the Netflix app and select it.

(4). On the next screen, tap the Update button to update the app on Panasonic TV.

(5). Then, open the Netflix app and play all the videos without any buffering issues.

Alternative Method to Stream Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

(1). Connect the smartphone and the Panasonic Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

(2). Install the Netflix app from the Play Store.

(3). Open the Netflix app.

(4). Select the content and start streaming them on the phone.

(5). Click the Cast icon and choose the Panasonic Smart TV.

tap the Cast icon

(6). The video content will appear on your TV.


1. How to reset Netflix on Panasonic TV?

To reset the Netflix app, you must reset your Panasonic Smart TV.

2. Why has Netflix disappeared from my Panasonic TV?

You can use the Netflix app only on the Panasonic TVs that are manufactured from 2014 and above models. For the older models, the app is removed from the Panasonic Viera Marketplace