How to Install Netflix on LG Smart TV

Netflix on LG Smart TV

Netflix is a warehouse of on-demand streaming content and the contents are the most popular among people. It has both online and offline streaming. You can tap the download option to save the content on the device to watch anytime. Netflix Originals is an in-house-produced movie, series, and documentary, and it has a separate section for Originals. LG Smart TV offers the Netflix app in the LG Content Store as a built-in app.

Netflix contents include Movies, Series, TV shows, Documentaries, Anime, Comedy, and more. It has a dedicated section for kids with family-friendly content. The Netflix app has subtitles for the content and most of the content is dubbed in various languages. It has several categories in which the contents are organized for quick access to the user.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix subscription is a must for streaming the contents and it offers three variants the subscription. The Netflix app does not contain any ads and you can cancel the subscription anytime. It can have five profiles for an account for a personal streaming library.

SubscriptionCost per monthStreaming QualitySimultaneous Streaming
Premium$17.99Ultra HD4

How to Install Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Start the LG Smart TV and connect to the internet connection.

(2). Click the LG Content Store on the home screen.

Open LG Content Store

(3). Search for the Netflix app on the LG Content Store.

(4). Launch the Netflix app on the LG Smart TV and click Sign In.

(5). Provide the Netflix subscription details and choose the content to stream.

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Alternative Method to Stream Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Connect the LG Smart TV and the smartphone to the same WiFi network.

(2). Install the Netflix app on the smartphone from Google Play Store.

(3). Sign in with your Netflix credentials and choose your profile.

(4). Tap the Cast icon and choose the LG Smart TV to connect.

Click Cast - Netflix on LG Smart TV

(5). Select the content on the Netflix app and enjoy the streaming on the smart TV.

Apart from this, LG TV has different models. In different models, you will have different menus to access the app. Based on the model, you have to click the Netflix button, Internet TV button, Premium button, and Netcast button. Upon clicking on the respective button, open the Netflix app and sign in with your credentials. After the sign-in, you can watch all the Netflix movies and TV shows on your LG TV.

Netflix on LG Smart TV Not Working

If the Netflix app on your LG TV is not functioning properly, you can try simple troubleshooting tips like restarting the LG TV and updating the LG TV. If you have issues with the Netflix app even after trying the common fixes, you can check our complete troubleshoot guide on Netflix not working on LG Smart TV.

Netflix is an excellent app to watch the world’s best movies and series. It has a smart search function to suggest all kinds of content related to the search. In case of any queries and suggestions for the above guide, then please specify them in the comments section.


1. How do I get Netflix on my LG TV?

You can get the Netflix app on your LG TV from the Content Store.

2. Why can’t I find Netflix on my LG Smart TV?

Make sure that your LG Smart TV is compatible with the Netflix app. You can check the full list of Netflix-supported devices here.