How to Install Netflix on LG Smart TV

Netflix on LG Smart TV

You just can’t miss the name Netflix in your daily routine. Netflix has an ocean of video content to watch. In addition to that, it also has games to play with. But for Smart TVs, the Netflix app is limited to video content alone. In the LG Smart TV, you can install the Netflix app from the Content Store.

How to Install Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Start the LG Smart TV and connect to a stable WiFi.

(2). Click the LG Content Store on the home screen.

Open LG Content Store

(3). Search for the Netflix app on the LG Content Store. As the Netflix app is so popular, you may find the Netflix app in the Featured category.

(4). Select the Netflix app from the search results.

(5). Tap the Install button to get the Netflix app on your TV.

(6). Then, launch the Netflix app on the LG Smart TV and click Sign In. There is no activation needed for the Netflix app.

(7). Enter your Netflix credentials and complete the sign in process.

(8). Choose the video content and stream them on your LG TV.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). On the Netflix app, tap the Get Help button. If there is no Get Help button, click the Settings icon.

(2). Now, tap the Sign Out button.

(3). On the confirmation screen, tap the Yes button.

Alternative Method to Stream Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Connect the smartphone and LG Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

(2). Install the Netflix app on the smartphone from Google Play Store.

(3). Sign in with your Netflix credentials and choose your profile.

(4). Tap the Cast icon and choose the LG Smart TV.

Cast Netflix on LG Smart TV

(5). Select the content on the Netflix app and enjoy the streaming on the smart TV.

Apart from this, LG TV has different models. In different models, you will have different menus to access the app. Based on the model, you have to click the Netflix button, Internet TV button, Premium button, and Netcast button. Upon clicking on the respective button, open the Netflix app and sign in with your credentials. After the sign in, you can watch all the Netflix movies and TV shows on your LG TV.

Netflix on LG TV Not Working

If the Netflix app on your LG TV is not functioning properly, you can try simple troubleshooting tips like restarting the LG TV and updating the LG TV. If you have issues with the Netflix app even after trying the common fixes, you can check our complete troubleshooting guide on Netflix not working on LG Smart TV.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix offers four subscription plans. All are monthly plans and there is no free trial available on the platform.

SubscriptionCost per monthStreaming QualitySimultaneous Streaming
Premium$19.994K + HDR4

Netflix adds a plan with minimal ads. The plan is Basic with ads and costs $6.99 per month. In the plan, you will get 720p quality with no offline download option.

Netflix News

Netflix has been the hot topic of news in recent days. The subscriber count and the number of originals from Netflix are always around the corner. In addition to that, Netflix is planning to host a live show hosted by Chris Rock. The date of this event is expected to be in early 2023. This is going to be Netflix’s first live event. After this, Netflix is eyeing live sports events and actively bidding on ATP tours for selected countries like UK and France. However, there is no official release for these statements.


1. How to update Netflix on LG Smart TV?

To update Netflix or any app on your LG Smart TV, go to the Content Store. Select the Netflix app and tap the Update button.

2. How do I reset the Netflix app on my LG TV?

To reset the Netflix app, you need to reset the LG Smart TV.