How to Fix Netflix Not Working on LG Smart TV

Netflix not working on LG Smart TV

Netflix app streams movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, anime, and more on-demand videos. It has contents in abundance to stream endlessly. Netflix has many award-winning contents for streaming and you can save the content for offline streaming. It offers content in various regional languages along with subtitles. The Netflix app is compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and Xbox. It has only paid subscription for accessing the content. You may land in the situation of Netflix got struck or frozen condition and it is a normal condition to revoke easily. Let’s see how to regain the Netflix app on LG Smart TV from not working state.

Netflix Not Working on LG Smart TV

When you find trouble streaming Netflix on LG Smart TV, as Netflix is stuck on the loading screen, you have to do certain steps to overcome the not working condition.

Restart LG Smart TV

The first and foremost method to repair the frozen condition of Netflix is to turn off the LG Smart TV. Leave the LG Smart TV for a few minutes and restart the LG Smart TV to stream the Netflix contents.

How to Uninstall Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Open the LG Content Store on the LG Smart TV and search for the Netflix app.

(2). Select the Netflix app and press Up Arrow on the remote to choose the X (delete) option.

(3). Click Yes to uninstall the Netflix LG Smart TV.

(4). Browse for the Netflix app and install the Netflix app again on the LG Smart TV.

(5). Launch the Netflix app and log in to your Netflix subscription.

By uninstalling the Netflix app on LG Smart TV, you are removing all the temporary backend files stored on your TV. Then, you can install the Netflix app on your LG Smart TV from the Content Store.

How to Update Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Turn on the LG Smart TV and move to the Home screen.

(2). Click LG Content Store and select Apps.

(3). Look for the Netflix app in the Content Store.

(4). Choose the Netflix app and click Update to update the Netflix app.

By updating the LG Smart TV, you will get the new version of the Netflix app. You can also update your LG Smart TV firmware to resolve minor issues.

Set Your Location

Though Netflix automatically detects your location, there are chances that it may pick the wrong location. In that case, you have to manually enter your location to get the app working. As Netflix is an international streaming platform, the country in which you are streaming is important.

(1). Open the Settings menu on your LG Smart TV.

(2). Go to All Settings and choose the General option.

(3). Navigate to Location and specify your current location.

And, if you are using any VPN on LG Smart TV, turn it off. Sometimes, Netflix won’t stream you any video content with a VPN network.

Check WiFi on LG TV

Make sure that your LG Smart TV is getting enough internet connection. The recommended speed for Netflix video content is 1 Mbps for SD content, 3 Mbps for 720p HD content, 5 Mbps for 1080p HD content, and 15 Mbps for 4K UHD content. Also, check if your LG TV is not having any issues with the WiFi connection. If there is one, check our troubleshooting guide on how to fix LG TV when not connecting to WiFi.

How to Reset LG Smart TV

(1). Open LG Smart TV and press Settings on the remote.

(2). Click the All Settings option and select the General tab.

(3). Scroll down and select Reset to Initial Settings.

click Reset to Initial Settings

(4). Click OK in the prompt to reset the LG Smart TV and set up the smart TV from the first.

How to Reset Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1). Go to the Apps section on your LG Smart TV.

(2). Select the Netflix app.

(3). Tap the Options button and click the Reset option.

(4). This will remove all the login information, profile information, download data, and all the cache files stored on the Netflix app.

(5). By doing this, you are resetting the Netflix app on LG Smart TV.

(6). After that, log in to your Netflix ID and stream the movies & series.

After performing the above series of steps, the Netflix app works smoothly without any trouble. It is also necessary to update the LG Smart TV to eliminate these kinds of problems in the streaming. If you have any issues even after these fixes, tell us your issue in the comments below. We will provide you with the solution.


1. Why is Netflix not working on LG Smart TV?

There may be some issues with the Netflix app. Close the Netflix app and try again later.

2. How do you reset Netflix on Smart TV?

Go to the Netflix app in the Apps section and click Options. Choose the Reset option to reset the Netflix app on your Smart TV.

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