Fixes for Hulu not Working on LG Smart TV

Hulu not Working on LG Smart TV

Hulu is a streaming service for live TV channels and on-demand content. The streaming service is accessible only in the United States. It offers 75+ live TV channels and it also has on-demand movies, series, TV shows. The streaming app has Hulu Originals exclusively and it can stream the content on two devices simultaneously. It has a separate subscription for Hulu On-demand and it has Hulu + Live TV subscription with on-demand access. The Hulu app may stop working abruptly and responds slowly to the remote commands. In the below section, we will check out the procedure to perform if the Hulu app is not working on the LG Smart TV.

Hulu not Working on LG Smart TV

There are many ways to retain the Hulu app from the frozen screen. You have to do certain checks on the LG Smart TV for frozen condition.

Restart the LG Smart TV

Unplug the Power cord to shut down the LG Smart TV. After some time, replug the Power Cord to start the Smart TV. It will refresh the LG Smart TV to stream Netflix and it will delete the Cache data.

Check Internet Connection

You may also face problems with the internet connection for improper streaming. Go to Connections in the Settings and disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. Reconnect to the Wi-Fi connection for stable internet connectivity.

Reinstall Hulu App

You can reinstall the Hulu app if it shows the same kind of problem for a prolonged period.

(1). Launch LG Smart TV and go to the LG Content Store.

(2). Select Apps at the top and search for the Hulu app.

(3). Choose the Hulu app to open and click Accounts.

(4). Select Log Out and click Log out of Hulu to confirm the log out of Hulu on the LG Smart TV.

(5). Go back to the LG Content Store and select the Hulu app.

Search for Hulu app - Hulu not working on LG Smart TV

(6). Press Up Arrow on the remote and choose the Delete (X) option to uninstall the Hulu app.

(7). Move to the LG Content Store and browse for the Hulu app.

(8). Click Install to reinstall the Hulu app on the LG Smart TV and select Launch to open the Hulu app.

Reset LG Smart TV

The Factory Reset will delete the apps and data on the LG Smart TV. You must take the backup of the necessary files before resetting the LG Smart TV.

(1). Start the LG Smart TV and press the Settings on the remote.

(2). Choose the All Settings option in the Settings.

(3). Scroll down and select the General tab.

(4). Click the Reset to Initial Settings and select OK in the prompt.

Select Reset to Initial Settings

It will restart the TV and you have set up the smart TV as a new device. We have seen the procedure to revoke the Hulu app on the LG Smart TV. You must also update the LG Smart TV software and the Hulu app regularly for seamless streaming. Still having queries with the Hulu app, mention them in the comments section below.