Insignia Smart TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix

best fixes to use when Insignia tv remote is not working

Insignia Smart TV comes with remote control for quick and easy navigation on the TV. Sometimes, the remote keeps blinking or hangs while using it. If you are facing such issues, then you must know how to fix the Insignia TV remote not working issue. You will find the same in the below section.

Insignia Smart TV comes with two TV OS, namely Fire TV OS and Roku TV OS. For which, you have different remotes like Insignia Fire TV remote and Insignia Roku TV remote.

Insignia Smart TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix

Here is the list of quick fixes that you can use when your Insignia Fire TV remote or Roku TV remote is not working.

  1. Replace the batteries on the remote
  2. Re-pair the Insignia remote
  3. Power cycle the remote
  4. Reset the remote
  5. Check for obstacles
  6. Try using a third-party remote
  7. Factory reset your Insignia Smart TV
  8. Contact the customer support

Replace the Batteries on the Remote

The first fix that you can try is, checking the batteries of the remote. Because if there is no charge on the batteries, your remote will not work. So, you have to check the battery and replace it with the new batteries. This may look simple, but it is very effective.

change the batteries on the remote

Power Cycle the Remote

If your batteries have enough charge, then you can power cycle the remote. You can quickly power cycle your remote with the simple steps given below.

power cycle your remote

1. Remove the batteries from the remote.

2. Press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds. This will drain up all the surplus power in the remote.

3. After that, put the batteries inside the remote.

4. Now, check the remote by pressing each button.

Re-pair the Insignia Remote

You can try to re-pair the remote with your Insignia TV. You can re-pair the Insignia TV in three ways.

1. On an enhanced Insignia remote, you will find a Pair button just below the batteries. Press and hold the button to reconnect to your TV.

2. On the Insignia Roku TV remote, you can press and hold the Home button for about 30 seconds. You should point the remote to the TV and press the button.

3. For Insignia Fire TV Remote, press and hold the Back button, Left Navigation button, and the Menu button for 30 seconds. The remote will reconnect to your TV.

press the menu, back and left navigation button at a time if Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Reset the Remote

A simple reset can prevent your remote from not working. This is one of the more effective fixes that you can use.

1. First, take out the batteries from your remote.

2. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and put them back to the remote.

3. Now, you can check the remote whether it is working or not.

Check for Obstacles

The signal from your remote should reach the receiver directly. So, make sure that there isn’t any object between your TV and the remote. And nothing blocks the signal from your remote.

Try Using a Third-Party Remote

Sometimes, the problem may not be with your original remote buttons. In that case, you can use a universal Insignia remote to control the TV. Get an Insignia universal remote and follow the steps given below.

use the universal remote if Insignia TV Remote Not Working

1. Turn on your Insignia TV with the Insignia universal remote.

2. Press the Insignia TV button three times until a LED light flashes.

3. Move your remote to your TV and click for channel switches.

4. Now, you will see the signal coming on or off. Press the up or down button to turn off the device.

5. Press the Insignia TV button to save the code. The LED light will blink for confirmation.

6. Now, you can use your universal remote to control the TV.

Factory Reset your Insignia TV

If you find none of the fixes working for you, you can factory reset your Insignia TV to its default settings. Once you factory reset the TV, all the data and user settings will be removed. That is, all the data you have stored on the TV will be deleted and you cannot recover them back.

1. From the home screen of your Insignia TV, go to the Settings menu.

2. Choose the System option.

3. Select the Reset to Factory Defaults option and your TV will be reset.

factory reset the tv if Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Contact the Customer Support

If you are still going through the problem, you can contact Insignia customer support and explain the problem. You can send the remote for repair or replacement. You can contact them through customer support’s official website.

How to Fix Insignia TV Remote Sensor

You can also try these technical methods to resolve the problem.

  1. Power cycle Insignia TV
  2. Clean the sensor of your Insignia TV

Power Cycle the Insignia TV

When you recycle your entire TV, your problem may be solved.

1. Unplug the TV from the power outlet.

2. Hold the Power button for one minute.

3. After that, release the Power button.

4. Now, check the remote with your TV.

Clean the Sensor of your Insignia TV

You must clean the sensor of your TV at least once in two weeks. Because the sensor is covered with full of dirt, it may not receive the signal properly from the remote. So, clean the sensor and try connecting your remote with your TV.

These are the best fixes that you can use when your Insignia TV remote is not working. You should ensure that there isn’t any item that blocks the signal from the remote to your TV. If your remote is physically damaged, then you can purchase a new remote. You can surely resolve your problem with any one of the fixes given above. You can use these fixes for both the Insignia Roku TV remote and the Fire TV remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the Insignia Fire TV remote not working?

To fix the Insignia Fire TV remote not working, you can change the batteries on the remote and power reset the remote. For further details, you shall go through the above section.

What to do if Insignia TV remote sensor not working?

Clean the sensor on the Insignia TV if the TV sensor remote is not working.

What to do when Insignia volume control not working?

When the Insignia volume control is not working, you can check your TV settings, reset the TV and the remote, and change the battery on the remote.

Can you control Insignia TV without a remote?

Yes, you can control Insignia TV without a remote by using the buttons on the TV and using the universal remote.