How to Update Apps on Sharp Smart TV [Two Ways]

Update Apps on Sharp TV

Smart TVs are replacing the standard cable and satellite way of streaming live TVs. With a Smart TV, you can install various streaming apps and watch all your favorites with the help of the internet. Like your smartphones, TV also runs on an OS. If you are a Sharp TV user, then your smart TV will either run on Android on Roku OS. Like all smart devices, you will get frequent updates on the apps installed. It is always necessary to update the apps to get the latest features. If you are not sure how to update apps on Sharp Smart TV, then go through the below article.

How to Update Apps on Sharp TV?

As mentioned earlier, there are two different types of Sharp Smart TV:

  1. Sharp Android TV
  2. Sharp Roku TV

Both OS are different and the procedure varies, so check which OS your TV is running and use those particular steps.

How to Update Apps on Sharp Android TV?

Updating apps on Android TV is similar to updating apps on your Android smartphone. You can either set Auto-updates or update the app manually.

How to Set Auto-Updates?

1. Turn on your Sharp TV and make sure to connect it with the internet.

Apps section on Android TV

2. Press the home button and go to the home screen.

Play Store on Android TV

3. Select Google Play Store. On a few TV models select Apps from the home screen and then choose, Get More Apps to open the Google Play Store.

Update Apps on Sharp Android TV

4. Select Settings in Google Play Store.

5. Under Settings, Click on Auto-Update Apps.

6. Enable Auto-Update Apps at any time option.

Now your TV will automatically update apps whenever an update comes.

How to Manual Update Apps on Sharp Android TV?

You can also manually update the apps if there is an update. Follow the steps below to manually update:

1. On the home page of your TV, select the Google Play Store. You can also click on the Apps optional and choose Get More Apps to open the Play Store.

2. Select the app that you want to update. You can also search the app and open it.

3. If an update is available, you will find the Update button on the app info page. Click on the Update button.

Note: On the apps page, you will also find the Update All option. By clicking on this option, all the apps will get updated.

4. Once updated, you can open and use the new features.

By the above method, you can easily update apps on your Sharp Android TV.

How to Update Apps on Sharp Roku TV?

All Roku TVs update their app automatically whenever a new update gets released. You can also update the TV to update all the apps automatically.

1. Go to the Home page of your Roku TV.

Update Apps on Sharp TV
Roku TV – Settings

2. Select Settings on the home screen.

3. On the Settings screen, select System.

4. Under System settings, choose System Update.

Rou TV - System Updates

5. Click on Check Now to manually check the updates.

Check Update Apps on Sharp TV

6. Your TV will check for available updates for channels and update them automatically.

Update Apps on Sharp TV

With the above steps, you can update apps on your Sharp Smart TV. If you are using Sharp Android TV, then you can use the first method and if you are using Roku OS, then you can use the second method.

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Note: Always update the app to the latest version to enjoy the new features and new content on the installed app.

If you are facing any issues, then you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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