How to Reset Sharp TV Without a Remote [All Models]

How to Reset Sharp TV

Quick Tips

  • Soft Reset: Press the Menu button → Setup Reset → Enter passcode → Tap Yes.
  • Hard Reset: Unplug TV cord → Press Channel Down and Input buttons → Plug in TV cord → Go to Service Mode Menu → Factory Reset → Click Enter.
  • Sharp Roku TV: Go to Settings System Advanced system settingsFactory resetFactory reset everything.
  • Old Sharp TV: Press the Menu button → Initial Setup Reset → Click Yes.

If your Sharp TV not showing any picture, not responding to the remote, or has no sound, it is recommended to factory reset your Sharp TV. Keep in mind, a reset will delete all the system settings, account information, installed apps, WIFI settings, and parental controls. However, it will bring the TV back to the original state you had at the time of purchase.

Methods to Reset Sharp TV

There are two ways to reset your Sharp TV. One is the hard reset, and the other is the soft reset. In a hard reset, you need to use the TV buttons. In the case of a soft reset, you can use the on-screen menu. These methods are also applicable to Sharp Android TV and Sharp Roku TV.

FYI: Sharp TV won’t turn on is the most prevalent issue reported by Sharp users worldwide. If you are one among them, you can either force restart or factory reset the TV to fix it.

How to Soft Reset Sharp TV

#1. Set up your Sharp TV and turn it on.

#2. Press the Menu button on the Sharp TV remote controller.

#3. Scroll down and click on the Setup option.

#4. Now, click on Reset and then press the Enter button on the remote.

How To Reset Sharp TV

#5. Enter the passcode if prompted.

#6. Now, click on Yes to begin the reset.

Yes button

#7. A message stating “Now initializing” will appear on the screen, and your TV will restart.

How to Hard Reset Sharp TV

If the Sharp TV remote is not working or the remote codes for Sharp TV is not responding well, you can use the physical buttons on the TV to reset it.

#1. Unplug your Sharp TV cord from the wall outlet.

Sharp TV Physical buttons

#2. Now, press the Channel Down and the Input buttons and hold them.

#3. While holding these buttons plug in the Sharp TV power cord.

#4. Continue to hold these buttons until it turns on your Sharp TV.

#5. Using the remote control, go to the Service Mode menu.

#6. Then, select Factory Reset from the list of options.

#7. Press the Enter button on the remote to begin the reset.

How to Reset Sharp Roku TV With a Remote

If you have issues like AirPlay not working on Sharp Roku TV, it is recommended to reset it to factory settings.

#1. Turn on your Sharp TV using the physical keys.

#2. Go to the Settings menu.

#3. On the Settings screen, choose the System option.

#4. Then, choose Advanced system settings.

#5. Following that, click on Factory reset.

Reset Sharp Roku TV

#6. Lastly, select Factory reset everything.

How to Reset Sharp Roku TV Without a Remote

#1. Ensure that the Sharp Roku TV is turned on.

#2. Locate the reset button near the HDMI port of your TV.

#3. Use a paperclip or sim ejector to press the reset button and hold it for 30 seconds.

#4. Keep hold of the reset button until the TV restarts.

This indicates that the TV resetting is done.

How to Reset Old Sharp TV With a Remote

Those with old Sharp TV models (before 2013) can follow these steps to reset it.

#1. Turn on the Sharp TV using the remote.

#2. Press the Menu button and choose the Initial Setup option.

#3. Next, click on Reset. It will display a pop-up message to delete all data.

#4. Click on Yes to confirm the reset.

#5. Your Sharp TV will restart now to finish the resetting process.

How to Reset Old Sharp TV Without a Remote

#1. While the TV is turned on, eject the TV cord from the power outlet.

#2. Press the Volume Down and Input buttons of the Sharp TV panel.

#3. Keep hold of these buttons and connect the TV cord to the power source.

#4. Your Sharp TV will turn on and the letter K will appear on the TV screen.

#5. After that, press the Channel Down and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

#6. From the service menu that appears, click on Reset.

Pro Tip: You can also use a remote shortcut by pressing the 9-9-9-2-2-2 buttons in sequence. This will also initiate the reset on Sharp TV.


1. Why is my Sharp TV stuck on the logo?

The Sharp TV will get stuck on the logo if there is a technical error, an outage in power, or outdated TV software.

2. How to fix if the Sharp TV turns black screen?

You can fix the Sharp TV black screen issue by properly connecting the HDMI cable connections, changing the input source, or factory resetting the Sharp TV.

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