How To Reset Sharp TV [All Models]

Reset Sharp TV

In Sharp Smart TV, you may face various operational issues Sharp TV won’t turn on, Sharp TV Remote not working, and so on. In such cases, you need to reset your TV to its factory defaults. Resetting the TV will erase all your information and data, and it will delete all your settings preferences. In fact, a factory reset will bring the TV back to the original default settings that the TV had at the time of purchase. If you are going to use the device again, you might want to set everything all over again. Anyway, this workaround guide will help you with how to reset the Sharp TV.

There are two ways to reset your smart TV. One is the hard reset, and another one is the soft reset. In a hard reset, you need to use the TV buttons. In the case of soft reset, you can use the on-screen menu.

How to Soft Reset Sharp TV

#1 Set up your Sharp TV and turn it on.

#2 Press the Menu button on the supplied TV remote.

#3 Scroll down and click on the Setup option.

#4 Now, click on the Reset and then press the Enter button on the remote.

How To Reset Sharp TV

#5 Enter the passcode if prompted.

#6 Now, click on the Yes option to begin the reset.

Yes button

#7 A message stating “Now initializing” will appear on the screen, and your TV will restart.

How to Hard Reset Sharp TV

If the Sharp TV remote is not working or the codes for Sharp TV is not responding well, you can use the physical buttons on the TV to reset it.

#1 Unplug your Sharp TV from the power cord.

Sharp TV Buttons

#2 Now, press and hold the Channel Down button and the Input button.

#3 Press and hold the buttons, simultaneously plug the power cord.

#4 Now, keep holding the buttons until it turns on back.

#5 With the help of the remote, navigate to the Service Mode menu.

#6 Then, select the Factory Reset from the menu.

#7 Press the Enter button on the remote. Your TV will begin the reset.

How to Reset Sharp Roku TV

Sharp Smart TV has Roku OS too. If you are having issues with Roku OS TV, like AirPlay not working on Sharp Roku TV, you have to reset it.

#1 Turn on your TV.

#2 Go to the Settings menu.

#3 On the Settings screen, choose the System option.

#4 Then, choose Advances System Settings.

#5 And, click on the Factory reset.

Reset Sharp Roku TV

#6 Then, again select Factory Reset Everything.

These are the different ways to reset the Sharp Smart TV. Go for the soft reset method as it is the correct way to reset it. The hard reset may cause some software problems to your TV. If you have queries while resetting the Sharp TV, do let us know in the comment section below.


1. How do I factory reset my Sharp TV?

To factory reset your Sharp TV, you have three different ways based on the OS. Pick a method that suits your TV OS.

2. How do you fix a black screen on a Sharp TV?

If you get the black screen on Sharp TV, unplug the TV from the power source and keep it idle for 20 minutes. Then, turn it on.

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