How to Reset Sanyo Smart TV in 2 Ways

How to reset Sanyo TV

Quick Tips

  • You can reset Sanyo Smart TV in two ways.
  • With remote: Press the Power button → Press Reset → Press Reset (Second time)Reset.
  • Without remote: Press Reset (On TV) → Reset.

Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic that has more features similar to the Panasonic Smart TV, such as customizing the home screen, easy-to-use remote, automatic software updates, etc. However, sometimes your TV may not turn on, show a black screen, or malfunction due to bugs. Under these conditions, you need to reset your Roku based Sanyo Smart TV to fix the issues.

How to Reset Sanyo Smart TV: With Remote

Using Sanyo Smart TV remote, you can reset your TV to factory settings, network settings, and PIN code.

Quick Factory Reset

Using the TV remote, you can quickly factory reset your Smart TV.

To reset, press the Power button → Press the Reset key → Again, press the Reset Key a second time to factory reset.

Factory Reset

First, back up your TV data before the factory reset, as performing a factory reset will erase all the settings and data stored on your Sanyo Smart TV and revert to its default settings.

[1] Navigate to Settings.

[2] Select Setup.

[3] Further, select Restore Default SettingsOK.

[4] Choose Reset AV Settings or Reset All Settings → Select OK.

  • Reset AV Settings – Brings the picture and sound settings to default.
  • Reset All Settings – Brings the settings to default.

Resetting Network

[1] Press the Home button on your remote.

[2] Go to Setup.

[3] Select Network SettingReset Network Settings.

[4] Further, select OK.

[5] After all, connect your Sanyo TV to a stable WiFi connection.

Resetting PIN Code

For all smart TVs, the default PIN code will be 0000. If you forgot the PIN code, type 0711 to reset and revert the settings to default 0000.

[1] Press the Up & Down navigation keys to choose Change PIN.

[2] Hit OK and press the Number keys to input the PIN code (4-digit).

[3] Next, input the new 4-digit PIN.

[4] Enter the PIN code (New) again to confirm.

How to Reset Sanyo Smart TV: Without Remote

[1] Find the Reset button on the back panel of your Sanyo Smart TV

Reset button on Sanyo TV

[3] Press the Reset button.

[4] Your Sanyo Smart TV will restart, and it will revert to default.

Alternate Method

[1] Initially, remove the power cable from the socket.

[2] Simultaneously, press and hold the Mute key (On the remote) while you plug the power cable back into the socket.

[3] Press the Mute key until the TV turns on and displays the Service Menu.

[4] Using Ch+ & Ch- keys (On TV), select menus.

[5] Use the Vol+ & Vol- keys to alter the settings.

[6] You can utilize the numeric buttons (0-7) to navigate under sub-menus.

[7] Press the Menu key to exit.


1. Does Sanyo Smart TV have a reset button?

In specific models of Sanyo Smart TV, the reset button comes with the remote. If you have a universal remote, the reset button will be present at the back of the TV.

2. What is the 4-digit code for a Sanyo TV?

The four-digit Universal remote codes for Sanyo TV are: 0049, 0097, 0110, 0004, 0268, 0012, 0108 & 0180.