How to Change Language on Philips TV

How to change language on Philips TV

Quick Tips

  • You can change the language on Philips TV to your desired one.
  • Android TV: Settings Device PreferencesLanguageChoose one.
  • Roku TV: SettingsSystemLanguageChoose one.

If you’re using devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets, or TVs, system language is essential for day-to-day purposes. In your Philips Smart TV, many languages are in-built for user benefit. English is the default language on all Smart TVs. On the contrary, if you want to change the language on your Philips TV other than English, you can change it from the Settings menu.

How to Change Language on Philips Android TV

[1] Press the Home button on your remote control.

[2] When the home page appears, click Settings (Gear icon) at the top.

Click Settings

[3] Under Settings, scroll down and choose Device Preferences.

Select Device Preferences

[4] From there, choose Language under Device Preferences.

Choose Language option

[5] In the language section, there are three languages available.

  • English
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Français (French)
Select any to change your language

[6] Now, change your language from English to Español or Français.

After changing the language to your preference, you can easily browse the internet or install apps on Philips smart TV.

On Philips Roku TV

[1] Go to the Philips Roku TV home screen.

[2] Go to Settings and choose the System option.

[3] Choose the Language feature from the list.

[4] You will get five different languages. Choose your preferred one.

How to Change Language on Philips TV [Old Models]

[1] Launch your Philips Smart TV and press the Settings button on your remote control.

Click settings

[2] Under Settings, select the All Settings option.

Click All Settings

[3] Scroll down and select Region and Language option.

Select Region and Language

[4] Choose Language.

Choose Language on Philips TV

[5] Select the Menu Language option in the left pane.

Choose Menu Language on Philips TV

[6] From the number of languages available, choose your preferred language.


1. Is the Chinese language available on Philips Smart TV?

The Chinese language is available only on older models. In the Android TV models, the language is not available.