How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart models come with the best streaming quality giving you a premium experience. You can never get enough of what you are watching on your Samsung Smart TV because of the irreplaceable brightness and colors on your screen. The Samsung Smart Hub is rich with all your favorite channels of different genres, including movies, sports, news, and more. However, if you wish to add more apps, you need to jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV.

Can You Jailbreak a Samsung Smart TV

You can jailbreak your Samsung TV to add more apps and features to it. As Samsung TV has its own OS, Tizen OS, there are some specific requirements needed to jailbreak your Samsung TV.

Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV
  • ARM processor and firmware <=1018.0.
  • Samsung Development Kit (SDK),
  • GIT (open-sourced version control system),
  • Software tools to complete the development task, and
  • Xbox Media Center.

With this, you can jailbreak any model of Samsung TVs like Series 5, 6, 7, and more.

Why Should I Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

You should jailbreak your Samsung TV for one of the following reasons.

  • You can get full access to the features of your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Also, you can get more apps and features on your Samsung TV.
  •  You can get a web browser on your Samsung TV.

However, you shouldn’t jailbreak your Samsung TV because the security of your device might become less. Also, it is not technically legal to jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV. You can install a lot of apps on your Samsung TV even without jailbreaking.

How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

1. Open the Settings menu on your TV using the Samsung TV remote.

2. Select the Setup Options from the menu and enter the appropriate Pin Code in the respective field.

3. On the next menu, choose the Language you want and then select your Country.

4. Now, you will get the Auto Tuning option on your screen. Next, go to the Channel type and choose Digital to proceed with the Auto Tuning.

5. When the tuning is complete, select the Next option and select the NO option.

6. Choose your Internet Service Location and select the Aerial option.

7. Type in the Pass Code to continue.

8. Click on the Update Now option to initiate the update. You might have to wait for the update to finish.

9. Click on the YES option.

10. Finally, turn on your Samsung TV to apply the changes to it.

11. Now, you can use the Samsung TV without any restrictions.

How to Jailbreak Samsung TV Using KODI

1. Install the CetusPlay and permit it to allow it to install apps from Unknown Sources.

Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

2. Once the installation is complete, open CetusPlay.

3. Using the CetusPlay app, search for KODI.

4. Click on KODI to install it on your TV.

5. Transfer the APK to your Samsung TV and access it using the File Manager.

6. Install the APK on your Samsung TV.

7. Now, you can use the KODI app on Samsung TV and get unrestricted access.

You can install KODI only on the older version of the Samsung TV. In the latest version, it is no longer supported. Even the older models of Samsung TVs are no longer available in the market. It is all up to you to decide whether you will jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV or not. However, you can make your Samsung TV smarter once you jailbreak the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to hack Samsung Smart TV?

You can hack your Samsung Smart TV by jailbreaking it.

2. Can a Samsung Smart TV be jailbroken?

Yes, you can jailbreak your Samsung TV to bypass all the developer restrictions.

3. How do I allow 3rd party apps on my Samsung Smart TV?

You can get 3rd party apps on your Samsung Smart TV by jailbreaking your TV.