How to Get Freeview on LG Smart TV

Freeview on LG TV

Freeview is a TV broadcasting service available only in the UK. With the Freeview app, you will get live TV channels like BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, and more for free. Freeview Play app is preinstalled in the 2021 LG Smart TV. For older models, you have to download the app from the LG Content Store.

You can get 85+ live TV channels and 30,000 hours of on-demand content by installing the Freeview app on your LG Smart TV. If you can’t get all the Freeview content, you can tune your TV manually to get all the live TV channels.

How to Get Freeview on LG Smart TV

[1] Launch your LG Smart TV.

[2] Press the Home button on your LG TV remote control.

[3] Open the LG Content Store.

Select LG Content Store

[4] On the search field, type Freeview.

[5] Choose the Freeview On Demand or Freeview Play app from the search results.

[6] Click the Install button to download the app.

[7] After installing, launch the Freeview app.

[8] Follow the on-screen prompts to use Freeview on your TV.

How to Get Freeview on 2015 LG Smart TVs

[1] Switch on your TV and press the Settings button.

[2] Navigate to the Advanced Settings option.

[3] Switch to Programmes and choose HbbTV.

Turn on HbbTV option

[4] Turn on the HbbTV settings.

[5] Press the Return key to live viewing.

[6] After that, you can view the Freeview pop-up on your screen each time you change the channel.

How to Tune Freeview Channels

Similar to Freeview on Samsung TV, if you’re not getting the Freeview channels on your LG TV, try to tune the channels manually. Before proceeding with the process, make sure to connect the aerial cable to your TV to tune your Freeview channels.

[1] Press the Quick Settings button on your remote.

[2] Navigate to All Settings.

[3] Go to Programmes >> Programme Tuning & Settings.

Open Programme Tuning & Settings.

[4] Select the Auto Tuning option.

Select Auto Tuning

[5] Ensure Antenna is ticked, and click Next.

Tick Antenna and click Next

[6] Choose the Digital Only Search and click the Next button.

Tick Digital Only Search and click Next

[7] Now, your TV will start the tuning process, wait for a few minutes.

Tuning channels on LG TV for Freeview

[8] When it reaches 100%, hit Done.

Click one to get Freeview channels on LG TV

[9] Now, restart your LG Smart TV to save all the changes.

[10] After the restart, you will get all the Freeview live TV channels.


1. How do I get Freeview on my LG Smart TV without an aerial?

To get the Freeview app on your TV without an aerial connection, you can install the app from the Content Store.

2. What to do when the Freeview channels are not working on LG TV?

The Freeview app is not available for older LG TVs. In 2019 and 2020 LG TVs, the app is removed and not available in the LG Content Store. For older models, the app won’t work.